Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

I did skip yesterday's run. Happily. Without guilt. Knowing it was the best thing that I could do for myself and my training.

Actually, I was getting a bit freaked because I'd pulled up so tired from the weekend. I still have fairly fresh memories of last year - feeling exhausted and not being able to recover after even short, easy runs. I'm terrified of going back there so that was why it was easy to miss just one run.

Intellectually I knew that it was fair and reasonable to be feeling tired. I'd run a good, hard race after no taper and after running some of my longest mileage weeks ever, so fatigue is a natural outcome. And at my age recovery is slower. But emotionally all I could think of was last year and how long it took me to feel normal again. It made me question the wisdom of doing a half marathon right at this point of marathon training.

But today I woke up and felt good. Normal. Energetic. Ready to run 32k tomorrow morning.

I felt good enough to take the dogs on a walk. Yes, everyone benefits from me having a bit of time off running. We got to sniff at all the interesting posts and patches of grass. We got to smell the jasmine that's starting to flower. We got to see that our local bag man has been moved on and his bags cleaned away. And we got to see this.

Now I understand why the drake has been so aggressive the last couple of times I've walked/run through that park. Looks to me like spring has sprung.

And talking about happy families, I just wanted to share some lovely photos of mine.

Sam and Hannah

Josh and Serena

Luke and Becky
I put a new app on my phone and was playing around with it the other night and it got me thinking about how blessed I am that I have these lovely girls in my life. When I had my third son I was a bit sad that I didn't have a daughter and that when my sons found girlfriends I'd lose them just a little. But it certainly hasn't been the case. I feel like I've gained three daughters (and without having to go through those harrowing puberty years). And after having such a testosterone-dominated household it's so refreshing to find make up and hair pins and smell perfume in the house.

Isn't it great when life turns out better than you'd expected?!                             


  1. You obviously made the right decision to have the rest (see... go with your gut, is my motto!!!).

    And love the pics of your boys!

  2. what great pics of the kids!! love that they've found significant others that you also love having around! :)

  3. There is no sight of sprint here in Cape Town, it was one of my coldest morning runs this year, and the rian just doesn't want to go away, So you enjoy the change of sesson.

  4. Love the pics of your boys and their girlfriends! I felt the same way when I had my third son... Now my oldest is in his first serious relationship and I'm also enjoying having her around!

  5. Skipping that run was a great choice. I love your perspective on girlfriends...and potential wives. Wish everyone could be that way.

  6. Glad a rest day helped!!
    Love the duck family!
    And - those pictures of your boys with their girl-friends are awesome!
    I'm like you - the only "daughters" I will have will be the girls that my sons pick - I have plans to be the best mother-in-law ever so they will love me!!! (easy for me to say now!!)

  7. Our spring is far from here. My friends are running a stage race in the snow on our west coast currently. The cold will hit us here in Johannesburg tonight. -2°C expected tomorrow morning. Lovely photos!

  8. Often one day of rest is better than a workout.
    Love the photos of your family and of the .... duck family.
    Last congrats for your great race.

  9. I have joined you in that unplanned day of rest today. Just feeling tired all over so I decided to listen. I hope I feel as good as you do tomorrow!

  10. So pleased to hear about the boys and their girls .... I worry i loose mine when they get older but obviously doesn't have to be that way ... YAY :-)

  11. I also recover slow, Char. Congrats again on your race.
    Beautiful photos of your family!

  12. You are so brimming with happiness these days. Love it!

  13. Love the pics. Sounds like it was a good idea to skip the run!

  14. How wonderful!!! Spring is a lovely time of year...... everything is new and fresh!

    I am heading into Fall..... i enjoy smelling damp fallen leaves and the crisp air.

    I feel for those whom don't have noticeable seasons. Each new season brings new emotions and new stages of life. By the time you are sick of the heat.... it gets cold, and vice versa.


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