Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yes, Gravity Is Still Working

I finally did it.

After months of procrastinating. Of saying I wanted to start doing it again. Of doing some not-so-secret solo training sessions in preparation. I finally pulled on my Big Girl panties and joined the squad for a hill session.

Except that what I pulled on weren't actually panties. They were my Lululemon post-marathon indulgence. My I-had-the-crappiest-run-ever-but-still-conquered-42.2k-and-I'm-proud-of-myself-shorts.

They're the shorts I wear to remind myself that I can do hard stuff even when I doubt that I can. And I doubt myself a lot.

I even doubted myself yesterday despite having had at least 6 successful runs on Mt Coottha trails in the last couple of months. 

The doubts come from worrying about silly little things. Like keeping up with the group (not an issue a group that has a huge variety of paces and hill-climbing abilities). Like slowing people down (there are a lot of places people can pass you on the trail and if you start towards the back of the pack it's not likely to be a problem). Like pushing myself so hard that I (a) vomit or (b) have to walk (that's just pride talking - no one cares if you vomit unless they're a sympathetic vomiter or they step in said vomitus and no one cares if you walk). Like falling over and breaking something or hitting my head on a stone and getting a brain bleed and ending up a vegetable on life support (totally legitimate concerns for a hypochondriac who watches too many TV medical dramas).

So my only real worry was the falling one which meant my only objective was to concentrate on where I was putting my feet.

Well I can happily say that the run was a total FAIL as far as that was concerned. I managed to trip within the first two kilometres on one of the uneven rock steps. 

One moment I was bounding gazelle-like over the roots, rocks and steps. Effortlessly picking my way through the uneven terrain with poise and balance and, dare I say it, elegance. Or at least that's how I imagined it in my head.

Poise, balance and elegance - only in my imagination

The next moment I'm doing the whole 'I know I'm falling and there's nothing I can do about it even though it feels like it's happening in slow motion' thing.

It was a little like this but without the dog and the fat half-naked man running next to me, And I happened to be wearing a lot more stylish running outfit
There really is no way to fall gracefully is there?

I did manage to put down a hand to soften the blow and prevent my skull from being cracked open on any one of a multitude of craggy rocks. I didn't even draw blood - quite disappointing really because if you're going to have a fall you might as well end up with something to impress gross people out. 

And I also managed to survive the rest of the run without further mishap. So I guess I'll do it again next week. Except this time I'll try to do it without feeling the need to test to see if gravity is still working.


  1. First, I love those shorts - they are awesome!!!
    And, I just spent about 3 minutes watching that gif with the fall and laughing!!! Sorry you fell but way to get up and finish that workout!!!

  2. Experience tells me you only have one bad fall per week, so yes, you're good for seven days!

  3. Nelson makes a very good point, I love that quote. I love your writing I feel like I fell over with you, which would totally happen if I ever tried running!! In other news I went to an underwear party today with the latest in sports bras!!

  4. Not at all - unless you count sweat and then it's yea, very dirty.

  5. What a beautiful shorts! I hate running over the roots, rocks and steps. Sorry to hear you you fell! Anyway, All's weel that ends well.

  6. Oh gosh when you title your post 'gravity is still working' one's mind immediately drifts back to the subject of your PREVIOUS post. I'm glad gravity is working on ALL of you but sorry about the tumble. Have you tried falling and missing the ground - I hear that's a good way to learn to fly.

  7. Those shorts are super cute, so at least if you feel you looked great while doing it!

    Everyone falls on trails, it's just your initiation. So consider it done and move on :)

  8. Cute shorts. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who takes a tumble now and again. :-)

  9. I'm sure those glorious shorts made even your tumble look glamorous. I am overdue for a fall, not complaining though.

  10. It's funny that those shorts carry a reminder message for you. I have a couple of race shirts from when I failed miserably that I wear to remind myself of many things ... but mostly just, "Work harder dummy!"

  11. Nailed it! Well done.

    PS - Love the new background

  12. Ohhh... a new background! Love the updated pics!

    By the way, I'm sure you'd fall gracefully. I'd be like the lady in the clip and fall on my face.


  13. Late happy anniversary! Beautiful shorts and beautiful background.
    I am expert in falls.... unfortunately I don't have yet the movies, but I will organize something for my next one.

  14. OOO I just love those shorts, and wanted to say a super duper thanks for supporting my new blog. xo

  15. Love your shorts!
    Now I have a pic in my head all day from you falling as gracefully as the lady in the video :)

    I have done some "races" on trails but luckily I never fell, it's my worst nightmare to fall during a run. Not because of the pain but the idea I might get injured and can't run/walk/exercise for a while.


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