Sunday, September 6, 2015


I'm going to tell you something that's going to totally blow your mind.

Putting your head in the sand is a totally inadequate treatment for a running injury.

I kid you not!!

I know it's how a lot of us runners deal with our niggles but I found out on Saturday that it might not be the best recourse. Certainly running 32 kilometres on a twingey hamstring wasn't the best recourse. It most likely was the worst possible recourse. Ahh hindsight, you're wonderful at pointing out stupid decisions and rubbing them in my face.

So now there's this.

And yes, I've blown it up for extra effect and extra sympathy because the sympathy and attention I got from the little photos I put up on Facebook and Instagram were just what my bruised soul (which was only just coping with the thought of not running for a week or, gasp, longer) needed. I'm sure the bigger picture will bring an outpouring of which the world has never seen before. And with each message of support I will whimper a meek 'I'm sure I'll be fine soon, it's really not too bad - only hurts when I laugh' so you can all be astounded with my stoic bravery and optimism while simultaneously wondering how such a bright and intelligent woman who doesn't look anything near the 52 years she claims she is could be so foolish as to run 32k on a gammy pin.

I'll tell you exactly why I made that ill-fated decision. My running friends and the looming spectre of a marathon in about 6 weeks (really must book the plane flights) and a cake that needed to get to where it was intended. But mostly it was because of my running friends. 

I love, love, love these people. They've been the ones that kept me sane when my world was falling apart last year. They made me laugh. They made me forget about the awful horrible. They listened to me when I needed to talk about things. They put the world back into perspective for a couple of hours every week. And they're the ones that got me home on Saturday when I was sore and tired and had totally had enough. A couple of them even stopped and walked the last kilometre with me. Yeah, they're the friends you need when things are tough.

They're the main reason that I'm really hoping that my leg will only keep me out for a very short while. I'm off to the physio today (if I can get squeezed in) to get the verdict. I'm really wanting to be running by the end of the week just so I can hear more about the coprophagic dog and discuss the many reasons why dogs turn to poop-eating. And so I can get teased for three hours about how mesmerising my tights are. So I can pay homage to the camel-toe tree and laugh because we possibly all look a little crazy doing so.

Anyone got a miracle quick-fix cure?

If not I'll be forced to bake obsessively until I'm healed. And that's not a good thing when our household is light on numbers.


  1. Oh no! But Char... don't push yourself if the physio suggests taking longer off. As you said, putting your head in the sand could only cause longer-term issues.

    I love the camaraderie and support you get from your running mates. And am glad they're there for you! xxxx

  2. I can attest that alcohol helps A LOT!

    Hang in there....hoping for a very speedy recovery!

  3. I hope the physio has some magic to work on you. My doc certainly did. But then I partially ruptured mine and kept on running and only noticed there may be a problem when I was tearing the scar tissue. Keep us posted!

  4. Hamstrings aren't really that bad...

    I find that you can run on them pretty soon! Thing is you have to run slowly and stay away from pain... The other thing is if you feel your hamstring you normally want to stretch it! no a good idea! Think of your hair elastic! you stretch that all the time and what happens to those? they break! so strengthen strengthen strengthen.

    You could also try a bit of treadmill running! Yes while treadmills are bad for Hammies, if you have a hammie problem they are great: you see you don't use them much while running on the treadmill so you shouldn't hurn an injured hammie anymore! (while a good hammie gets weak on the dreadmill and is looking for an injury!)

    good luck

  5. Uh-oh! That doesn't sound good! Hope it gets better sooner rather than later...

  6. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon poor Char!

  7. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon poor Char!

  8. Ummmmm ... the WHAT "tree"??? Hahahah!!! When my hammies get cranky, I find that it's mostly because they aren't limber enough and I just need to roll them out and stretch a little more. As much blood-flow and a little rest should do wonders. Good luck hump-back!

  9. This isn't a good news! I do hope your leg will be better in a very short while. The marathon starts in the second half of October, and this means that you have tme, Char:

  10. Wrapping is step 1! And you know the rest. Ice for now...can alternate with heat after 48 hours.

  11. Good luck! Keep us posted on that physio visit. I hope your leg is better soon! Also, what's wrong with baking - if I were your running friends I would reroute the weekly long run to end at your house just for the cake...

  12. Oh no, not you! You who loves running so much! I hope you will be able to run with your beloved group again next Saturday. Good luck!

  13. Oh Char!!!!! So sorry to hear :-( hope your leg is getting better pronto!!!!!!


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