Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Good One

I wasn't looking forward to yesterday's 10k run after Wednesday's aborted debacle. Silly me got chatting to Fiona (who is FAST) just as we started off and this meant that I was running a little quicker than I'd intended (Note to self - stay at the back of the pack) At about 3k in I told Fi I needed to back off the pace a little and I did. Peter G was just a little behind me and it had worked so well pace-wise running with him last week that we just fell into step again. Chris caught us at the Goodwill Bridge and trotted home with us. A very pleasant run despite my misgivings.

I backed up in the afternoon with a 12k walk with my long-time, walking-partner-in-crime Natalie. It was hot and sticky but the company made the time go so quickly. I love Saturdays!

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