Monday, December 28, 2009


I've been feeling really good about my progress lately. I've had lots of runs where I've achieved my goals for that run (ie. not feel exhausted for the rest of the day) Well today was speed session again and we were set 400m reps with 100m recovery. The aim was to get between 6 and 10 done. The first felt comfortable at 1:46 but the first always feels comfortable. The next was slightly slower 1:48 then they fovered around the 1:50 mark until I got to rep no 8 where it blew out to 1:55. I really wanted to finish the session so I started on the 9th rep - back down to 1:48 and I'd intended to take it slower and rep no 10 was 1:44 (with a little dry-reaching at the end. Yuk!)

Not too bad, I thought ... until I got home and saw my last lot of times for 400 reps. Most were around the 1:47 mark. Admittedly I'd only done 8 reps that time but today I was feeling so good and it felt sort-of fast. I know it shouldn't worry me and I should be pleased to complete it as well as I did but it's such a long way off the high 1:30's/ low 1:40's of July

Patience, Grasshopper!

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