Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Run

I did my last run for 2009 this morning - a nice 11.5k run down to a golf course then all along the river, through the Uni. of Queensland and then back home. It was drizzly and hot and really humid and the humidity got to me by about 7k but I ran it and I'm patting myself on the back.

I ran past a man that Iven and I and the dogs had walked past on Monday. I remembered him because he stopped to let us pass twice - before and after Nelson took his toilet break. Well, he obviously remembered me too. I got a big smile, a wave and a loud "Happy New Year" Made me smile too.

The other thing that made me smile was the rainbow. It went from horizon to horizon - beautiful! Finished off the year wonderfully.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2010 and all your dreams and goals are fulfilled.

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  1. I just love rainbows. Wish I could catch more of them. Happy New Year!


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