Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Burying My Head in the Sand

It's only eight days till Christmas. Only seven more shopping days! I still have to buy for Iven, Mum, Dad and Natalie (my walking friend). I still have no idea what to get for any of them so what do you think I'm going to do ? That's right, I'm going to head right away from Brisbane and fly down to Sydney for a long weekend of self-indulgence. I think it's the ultimate in putting my head in the sand but it may actually provide inspiration. I'm hoping to get in a few hours at Paddy's Markets possibly tomorrow when the weather man has predicted rain. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that just the right thing jumps out at me.

On the running front I've done two sessions this week. Speed on Tuesday was good. Coach Chris made me sit out one of the reps after last week's poor recovery. I felt pretty good for the session and afterwards. Today's run was nearly 11k and I managed the hill that I walked up last week. I did run a little too hard on some of the middle k's but once I have a nap in a little while I'll be feeling fine.

Heard from Sammy in London today. It's snowing!!

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