Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Limited Psychic Powers

I'm psychic! I was supposed to be running at the beach today but yesterday's 14k took more out of me than I expected (damned hills) and I just wasn't feeling like an hour's drive to run, even to have breakfast out with my running buddies after. So last night I bit the bullet and sent Coach Chris the text that told him I would be piking. That text gave me permission to stay up late and read the book that I'm just loving at the moment. It gave me permission to turn my alarm off and to sleep as long as I wanted this morning.(which turned out to be only 6:50 but that's better than 5:00) And when I woke and got round to checking my phone there was a text from CC which said, due to nasty weather, this morning's session was cancelled. So I got to enjoy my sleep-in totally guilt-free!

I know that I'm gradually getting back to strength after the marathon. I know that at the cellular level there is evidence of damage up till 8 weeks after such a big effort. I know I'm getting older and I'm more likely to take a little longer than say a 25 year old. But what I really want to know is other people's experiences of recovery - especially those in the over-40 category. I've found this week that I can run okay when it's flat but put a hill in front of me and my legs are just not there. Is this normal? Am I taking extra-long? Does it really matter? (I know the answer to this - no!)I'm just wondering because of the 25k relay that I'd like to do in 5 weeks. Did I start the post by saying I was psychic? It seems that my psychic powers are limited.


  1. Yay for sleeping in guilt-free :)

    I'm curious about your book too...

  2. Don't worry! Running up hill improves your strenght :)

    As you said, we, member of this blogger community "are curious creatures": What book are you reading?


  3. Awesome that you didn't miss out on anything afterall! Hope you enjoyed the sleep-in.

  4. As a member of the "over 40" category, I learned it takes me more time to recover after a marathon. Although I can run slowly smaller distances maybe staring 3 days after a marathon, it takes me 3 weeks until I feel I'm back at baseline.

  5. I'm 47 and recover very quickly but I run slow (kind of ultra pace) all the time. I've also been running for 29 years. Take your training easy and don't worry too much about your pace, especially on the hills and downhills. You'll be fine in a few weeks and can run the relay as you planned. Whenever your legs feel tired, don't push for time.

  6. Did you say psychic or psychotic?


  7. Masters Divison rocks!

    I am thinking about a marathon the Nov 21st...but worried that the Ultra (Oct 31) has taken too much outta of me to even "just run" it somewhat untrained. Ekkk.


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