Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Bad And My B.A.D.

I'm all into amazing and astounding this week. First of all I complete a half marathon in a way better time than I'd anticipated. And then this ... I cleaned the pantry! I know, I know two incredible things in one week is almost too much to comprehend but I'M pretty incredible at the moment so you're just going to have to live with that feeling of inferiority.

Admittedly I haven't cleaned the pantry since we fitted the new kitchen. And I can't even remember how long ago that was. I'm guessing about three years by the use-by dates on some of the packets I found in there. That's actually quite an improvement from the last time I cleaned the pantry where the kids were exclaiming in horror at how old some of the packets were (a decade in some cases) and in fascination at the olden-day food.

Housekeeping is not one of my fortes.

And I'm not sure even now why I came to clean yesterday. Could have been the hang-over of half marathon endorphins. Could have been delusional fatigue from running 61k that week (yes, it should have been a rest week but I wasn't that tired and I can rest when I'm dead). Or it could have been that the power of leadership had gone to my head and confused me. Coach Chris had been away for our long run yesterday and had left me in charge - I'm guessing because of my awesome leadership skills and authoritative air OR because he couldn't get anyone else to do it.

Actually the real reason that my pantry is today pristine is because of a conversation that I had during the run yesterday. A conversation where I finally set a date to have a little cupcake master-class of one and knew I'd be mortified if anyone saw the state of my pantry. Shame and pride are powerful motivators.

So for two hours yesterday I pulled out foodstuffs, dusted off cobwebs (I worked out why spiders like to live in my pantry - it's to eat the moths that have infested my really old food. The circle of life is an amazing thing), scrubbed shelves and marvelled in my total inability to keep tabs on how much stuff I have.

How does over 12 kilos of sugar sound? Excessive??!! Probably not if you're setting up a bakery but I'm not planning on that in the near future. And it was a variety of sugars - white, brown, caster, palm and icing.

And what about this?

The little area where I keep my chocolate supply was (I'm truly sorry for this - the worst pun ever but it's so bad I can't help myself) chock-a-block. Yes, I'm the reason that there's a world-wide chocolate shortage. I'm preparing for Chocolate Armageddon where only those with chocolate baked goods will survive the apocalypse (yes, I've been going to too many sci-fi flicks with my husband).

The chocolate corner (better known as the very-naughty-but-oh-so-nice corner) was a little heart-breaking to clean up. I found no less than six peanut M&Ms that had escaped their packets and their ultimate fate of being devoured in an M&M binge only to fester in unknown filth on the shelf. And despite my overwhelming love of these chocolates, even I couldn't bring myself to eat them. Toby is now quite a fan.

I learnt a lot yesterday - apart from the facts that I'm a horrible housekeeper who hordes.

1 - I found out that an easy way of telling whether something is too old (because finding use-by dates which have faded is a little tiresome) is to check for life in the packet. If it wriggles throw it out.

2 - Really, really old poppy seeds become an amazing amorphous sludge - a little similar in consistency to silly putty.

3 - And I should really keep my peanut M&Ms in a jar to stop escapees and the disappointment of having to share them with my dog (my disappointment, not his). Or I should just eat the entire pack in one sitting.

Today I plan on cleaning up the lower cupboard, cans and sauces. If you hear of any explosions in Brisbane there's probably no need to fear a terrorist attack - I'll have dropped a bulging can.


And because I've left you dangling long enough, I thought I'd better mention my B.A.D. 

I want to do another marathon. Next year. I can't explain why I want to do this - but I had two more children after I'd found out just how painful childbirth is so obviously there's a little insanity linked to this desire. I have three options that I'm considering. Canberra in April. Gold Coast in July. Or Melbourne in October. 

A friend is doing Canberra and I've never had a medal from there but I'm not sure if it's too soon and the course is a little hilly. I'd have someone really nice to train with but it's my busiest work time of the year.

Gold Coast is flat but I've heard it's a really boring course. I wouldn't have to travel to do it (a one hour road trip doesn't really count as travel) but I do have to run the 10k the day before because it will be my second last.

I've done Melbourne before. The course is great - scenic and pretty flat. The weather is usually pretty good. But it's a really long way off and I could lose motivation.

One thing's for sure - I will be having a conversation with Coach Chris in the next couple of weeks. 


  1. HA! I had to clean my pantry not so long ago for the renovations... I found FOUR 1kg bags of unopened icing sugar!?! Why? I couldn't tell you...
    I'm very excited about your marathon plans! I looked at the Canberra one as a replacement for my Rotterdam plans.
    Can't wait to hear which one you decide on and read about the training :)

  2. Good luck with those marathon plans! Fun to have big long distance goals! I cannot imagine having all that baking chocolate. Mostly because I don't bake.

  3. LMAO on the chocolate - no chocolate lasts that long in my house. Also, my pantry is so small that things never get too out of date.

    And I want to come run with you. We visited Australia some ridiculous number of years ago and I loved Brisbane.

    Good luck deciding on the marathon. Assuming I survive my 5 halves, I'll be thinking about a marathon after that...

  4. You know my pick Char! Would love to see you in Canberra! :) Congrats again on the half....and I can't wait to see the products of all that chocolate!

  5. Great to hear you're planning to run a Marathon next year ... although you can't explain why you want to do it :) If you decide to run a Marathon in October (Melbourne) you'll follow the training schedule when the weather won't be hot.
    Have a nice week!

  6. Happy to live with those feelings of inferiority (am well used to them!!! ;-)

    Although I love the sense of accomplishment you can get from such tasks.

    And how exciting to have another goal that you can strive for.

    Sounds like all is definitely well in the world!


  7. I'm obviously not houseproud becuase when I got the vacuum cleaner out the other day, my daughter said 'Who's coming to visit?'.

    As for the races, I think you should do Canberra, as I'm also doing a marathon in April, so we can compare training notes!

  8. Cleaning things out is the best feeling, isn't it? My favorite thing to clean is the fridge. Don't do it enough but I am always so satisfied when done.

    Excited to see which marathon you pick! I'm glad you are going for it.

  9. You lost me after all of that baking chocolate....I'd just eat it :) I don't care I love all chocolate :)

  10. PS: I can't believe you're running a marathon - EXCITED

  11. There must be something in the air because I just cleaned my pantry for the first time in eons too. Not nearly as much chocolate as you have though. I seem to be hoarding pineapple salsa.
    Yay for marathon shopping!

  12. I'm so glad there are others out there piling up the chocolate as well. I do that all the time. The chocolate never get too old to eat or use though. Canberra seems to be the best option for me. Hear what your coach think about it but I would say there is still plenty time.

  13. You absolutely crack me up, Char! I am also "domestically" challenged, so I feel your pain. But I am so impressed that you did it! I would rather set my own hair on fire than clean out a pantry (or worse, the fridge!). Brava!


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