Monday, November 12, 2012

PMS Sucks!

I've finished my first week of my PMS (preparation for marathon schedule) and I'm prepared to be totally honest here. It sucked. Big time. Well, I sucked big time. I felt tired. My legs were heavy and I was slow. How's that for a first week?

I think there are a few factors involved with my week of suckage. First would be my lack of sleep. I'm averaging between 3 (on a really bad night) and 6 on the less bad ones. Saturday night was my one bright shining bed-light for the week - 8 hours!! One good night sleep doesn't make up for six bad ones, though.

Changing my diet may also have had an effect. I'm a bit unsure as to what I should and shouldn't eat at the moment. I've pared it right back in the hope of getting a happy tummy and then plan to introduce back different foods to see which is the cause of my internal unrest. So far, so good - the fart index has gone down significantly.

No longer are the neighbours complaining about the trumpet practice that happens any hour of the day or night. They were starting to wonder if Anzac Day was close because they were sure it was a very bad rendition of the Last Post. The high G was only reached with a potent cocktail of milk and beans with a chaser of cabbage.

Yesterday my TFC (total fart count) was only 13!! My kids are so proud of their Mum.

I've cut a lot of wheat products from my diet as per Dr Fart's recommendations and even baked my first ever batch of gluten-free/wheat-free cookies adapted from my favourite cookie recipe. They don't taste too bad either.

I think, though, that the biggest factor in the Dyson-like training, is the fact that I have run 4 weeks of over 50k/week. This would have been the norm last year but this year has been far from normal and I guess I shouldn't expect that I can run that sort of mileage without paying the piper. So I WILL be taking Thursday off. Maybe Sunday too if I need it. I have to get back to basics and listen to my body, not get  so caught up with the training program that I will suffer the consequences.

But onto happier things. Luke turned 19 yesterday. I have only one child left in his last year of teenage-hood (is that a word?). How did I get to be this old?

Lucky Luke didn't get to celebrate his birthday yesterday. It's hard to celebrate when your birthday is overshadowed by an enormous exam the following day. But I did make cake - because what is a birthday without cake?

And why the Angry Birds? They were angry because Luke's birthday was in the middle of the exam period. His exams are done as of 10am this morning so tonight we celebrate.

Just one final note. To the man who was behind me in the supermarket queue telling his friend how he managed to avoid getting sick a lot - yes we all could tell that garlic was the biggest weapon in your arsenal. No words were needed.


  1. Ewww to the garlic man...
    Happy Birthday to Luke :) And congrats to him for getting the exams out of the way. I still remember that feeling well, such a relief!
    Your cupcakes look amazing as always and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sleeping gets better and your runs do too :)

  2. I thought you were going to talk about the other PMS for a while then!

    I love the fart counting!

    And as a coeliac I'm interested in the cookies you made!!!

  3. The first week back us used to knock the cobwebs out of the system, so yes you will feel heavy and slow. (that is why I never take off!!!) Don't worry it will pass the more you run.

  4. Once you get back into the groove of marathon training, you'll sleep like baby :)

  5. Congratulations on your son. I just love the angry bird cupcakes!

  6. Yes, what is a birthday without cake? TEll that to the Caveman please as I'm 3 years and counting without a cake and I NEED it!
    I'll bet your body will adjust to the increased workload, just give it some time and TLC.
    Happy Birthday to Luke!

  7. LOL at that last paragraph!

    Congratulations on your son! Hope he has a great day despite the exams.

    After reading a couple of your posts I'm thinking if I might reconsider doing low carb for a while. I did this once and it helped with my IBS and also with my swollen tummy.

  8. Happy birthday to your son!

    Those birds look really angry :)
    Green birds divide in three Yellow ones and Black birds are the most dangerous because they explode: fortunately you didn't make Black birds :)

    It seems that your first week of the preparation for marathon schedule went well although your legs were tired.
    I completely agree about cutting wheat products such as pizza, bread and pasta.

    Happy running!

  9. I can't believe you are counting your farts. I don't think I can count high enough for mine.

  10. Sleep certainly plays a big role. I don't sleep much but for some reason I can do that. Others I know need much more sleep and don't run well with less than 8 hours average. The cup cakes are the best! Love them! Happy Birthday Luke!

  11. Your post made me laugh - the fart counting and the garlic man are a lot! Hope the dietary changes help!!!

  12. ANGRY BIRDS CUPCAKES!!!!! yes please :)

    and I only get about 5-7 hours sleep....depending on when I get home from work and finish writing my next day's blog post.

    I love the PMS acronym. PS: you are getting something in the mail soon! Sending it out this week ;)

  13. Those angry bird cupcakes are a riot! So cute. Happy 19th Birthday to Lucky Luke!

    Congratulations on your reduced number of farts per day.

    PMS - I like that. Good job listening to your body and dialing it back before it goes to far. You'll get used to it again.

  14. I was just reading another lady's blog titled "PMS Is Awesome" ... but she was talking about the real PMS. I know right ... she's crazy about the cramps and everything. I always tell everyone that I never feel old until I realize how my kids are ... then I feel ancient. Not young and vivacious like you!

    1. That lady must have been high on her PMS meds when she wrote that post.
      Young and vivacious? Yes that's me. Thanks.

  15. The cake is awesome and the reason for the angry birds is even better. Glad to hear the new diet may be working--but it would be sad if you got to the point where you no longer needed Dr. Fart. ; )

  16. Hi - blogger won't show me your most recent post, for some reason. I'm cross because I want to read it. Grrr.

    1. I deleted it because it was a bit rubbish.

  17. Glad your tummy is feeling better! And I love the angry birds cake! That is too cute! I'm sooooooooooo. Jealous of your creativity!


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