Thursday, November 15, 2012

PMS Week 2 Fail

Yesterday I wrote a post that was absolutely rubbish. Sometimes if you really have nothing to say, it's better to keep your mouth shut. So I deleted the post. Today's post is bound to be way better because so much has happened since last night - if you count sleeping.

Yes, that's right I'm sleeping a little better. I fell asleep reading my book last night and stayed that way (apart from a very early call of nature) for nearly 9 hours. The night before was 8. Certainly beats the 4 hour mini naps that were passing as my night's sleep a week ago. (See I told you this post was going to be way better - sleep is always such a riveting topic)

I took yesterday's run off. I know! It's only week two of my PMS but I wasn't doing so well. It's my own silly fault too. I'd almost decided not to run on Sunday after being so tired on Saturday's run. But I slept okay Saturday night and was feeling pretty good. So I did what any obsessed runner would do, I ran. But my mistakes were in running 4 hours after when I'd normally start (it's nearly summer - what was I thinking - oh that's right, I wasn't) and running the distance that I hadn't completed the day before. My rationale was that I was supposed to run 12 k on Sunday and 16 k on Saturday, what did it matter if I changed them around?!! Well it wouldn't have mattered normally but we all know that my body doesn't behave normally and I was already circling the drain the day before.

So I set off towards the river. It hadn't seemed windy at home but it was along the water. There were even white caps. It was a headwind and I thought to myself that at least it would be behind me coming home because I was running a loop. But it never did. It seemed to change direction so I'd always be running into it apart from one short section. At times it got so strong that I felt like I was running on the spot. And at other times I was so over it that I just walked - which kept me out in the sun longer.

I got home really tired about two hours after I started. And I was sunburnt. I never put sunscreen on to run because I run so early but when you run after 9am it's a different story.

I was tired for the rest of the day and still tired on Monday. And yet I still did speed on Tuesday and that's when I knew I really had to get serious about letting my body recover. My legs were heavy, my heart rate was high and I spent the rest of the day feeling sick and the next day as well. Major wake up call!!

Why do I do this to myself? Some of it is because I like having goals and achieving them makes me feel good. Some is because I love to run and I'd always planned on running more when I had more time. I'm terribly anal when I have a program - I just want to hit every workout and feel like a failure when I don't.

But the stakes are too high. Every time I get sick it takes longer to get better and I come back slower. So I knew I just had to back off before (hopefully) it was too late. Week 2 of my PMS might be a fail but it'll be better in the long run that I listened and acted.

It's all good and I'm not upset - too much. How can I possibly stay upset when there's this to greet me whenever I get home.


  1. Toby with that stuffed toy just makes me smile. No wonder you don't stay upset. Hang in there.

  2. TOBY!!!!!!!!! he is soooo cute! and I think you need to buy him smaller toys, that bird makes him look like a miniature dog ;) I can't believe you deleted your last post. What was wrong with it??

    I am glad you got some better sleep....a lot of sleep at that. Too bad about the sunburn.

  3. That sounds like a pretty intensive preparation schedule!! Do take care of yourself Char...and thanks for welcoming me back :)

  4. Hang in there, Char, I know it's discouraging to set goals and then not be able to follow through on them in the way you'd like. It really sucks, actually! But we just have to keep plugging along and do the best we can with what we've got, right?

  5. I'm going through a bit of a downer myself but the stubborn runner in me just want to run. Rest is the quick way back to normal training. That is a super photo of Toby! Have a great weekend!

  6. Sorry you had a tough go this week. This too shall pass right? You are wise to back off before making yourself sick.
    I'd love it if you did a 'stuff I love' post. It'd be cool to see what's popular down under!

  7. I cannot get enough of Toby!

    I'm sorry you had a tough week - it does seem to be part of the sport (and motherhood) unfortunately. Sounds like you are being smart though, and listening to your body?

  8. Things have to improve soon. Do you run every second day only? (Is that the rule? I'm never sure, but keep reading about rest days - less important if you're like me and just a walker!!!). Although maybe it's different if you're an elite or non-amateur runner and every day is necessary???


  9. I generally run four times a week so mostly every second day. Rest days are essential for me - my body is a slow recoverer - but I'd love to be able to run every day. Running is my happy place even when the runs aren't great.


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