Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Toby And Molly - Young Love

Toby has a girlfriend. She's literally the girl next door. They're about the same age and love to play with each other through the fence. Molly's even broken into our back yard to play with Toby (little hussy). Toby reciprocates her undying adoration by bringing her gifts of sticks and showing off his athletic ability running madly up and down the fence line. He's even gone as far as taking a leaf out of Josh's book of wooing women by going #2 while she waited patiently. It's a beautiful romance - young and innocent.

And it's destined to stay innocent. We had Toby 'fixed' a month or so ago and today Molly lost her ability to ever know the pitter-patter of many little feet. Molly turned up at the back fence looking all forlorn complete with and Elizabethan collar to stop her chewing out her stitches.

And what did Toby do when he saw his lady-love weak and vulnerable after major surgery? He took fright! He didn't recognise the strange alien creature in Molly's back yard. His hackles went up. He barked furiously and then he ran to Mummy for reassurance.



  1. Love this post :) Aw, they are in love!! Hopefully Toby won't be afraid of her poor state for long.

  2. Men, indeed! He should have been there by her side, holding her paw!

  3. What a stunner she is! Hoping they will live happily ever after!

  4. Too funny! What is it with men and "female" stuff? :)

  5. Men are so fickle haha I can see why Toby is usually so enamoured with Molly, she's a gorgeous dog!

  6. Funny! Cute photo. Hopefully they "get back together" once Molly heals.

  7. Men indeed! Way to go Toby!

    Our dog Jack has been fixed as well, and to date he really hasn't had any affairs with the fairer sex. But as a Chocolate Lab, his true passion is food. I'm not joking, he will grow a full-blown raging ... (well you know) ... over anything we're eating. Michael and I call it the "Red Rocket"! Yes, he really loooooooves food!

    Oh, and I'll thank you to stop using the metric system to define the marathon distance. For some reason 42.2K freaks me out way more than 26.2 miles. You're getting in my head!

    1. He can't help it - it's in his nature. My sister has a dog who got so excited about her arrival home after a trip that he spent and good five minutes air-humping. And it's all on video.

  8. Me a triathlon coach??? Your comment made my day.


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