Saturday, November 3, 2012

Righteous Indignation

I'm a bit of a rule-follower. Maybe because I've always been a timid little mouse who liked to do the right thing. Maybe because I didn't have to think too hard if I was following the rules. And definitely because I knew that rules were there for the good of everyone.

I've only gotten a speeding fine once in my 31 years of driving. I've never cheated on tests (until a couple of weeks ago and I had to cheat to be pronounced crazy enough). I've always walked my dog on a lead and picked up his poops (this dog, anyway).

And walking dogs on the lead is what this post is about. I have a bit of a problem with some people's choice of leads. I hate/despise/detest/abhor those extendible leads that some people use. To me a lead is a tool that you use to control a dog with. An extendible lead is basically a way for dogs to have a wander where ever they please with the owner pretending that they're doing the right thing. Usually I see the owner meandering around totally oblivious to what their dog is doing about five meters away from them.

Our last dog wasn't very sociable so we would keep him away from other dogs when out walking. That was really hard when other dogs had free rein and could come over whenever they wanted. I had one woman be quite upset when our dog started snapping and snarling at hers (on a long extendible lead) when we'd been doing everything in our power to try and get away from it.

On Thursday I got to see another incident involving one of these leads which just left me shaking my head. An elderly lady was walking her dog in the same direction I was running. A middle aged man was walking towards her in the opposite direction. The dog was meandering across the path and the lady was oblivious - in her own little world. It got to the point where the man had to come to a complete stop before she became aware of her surroundings and the position of her dog. And it was only then she decided to pull in her dog.

I'd watched the whole thing as I got closer and closer and could see what was going to happen. And I was becoming righteously indignant for the poor man who was just trying to have a mice morning when I ran past the tangle of dog and humans, I 'muttered' quite loudly and in my most withering tone "seriously!", just to let the woman know how inconsiderate and rude she really was. I kept running but there was a little more fire in my step to match the fire in my belly. It was the the last kilometre of a 16k run where I'd pushed myself a bit. The fire lasted until I'd run enough around the corner that I was out of sight. Then I had to stop and walk to catch my indignant breath. Righteous indignation can be exhausting!!


  1. There's obviously an entire etiquette around pets (and kids) in public places! Plus around paths/parks and exercising!

    I was interested in your first para though about rules. I'm the same. NEVER have overdue library books or DVDs etc. NEVER!!!

  2. Ha, that's hilarious by the way. I can imagine me doing something like that - and then having to walk as soon as I was out of site. I hate those leads though too. I always have my dog close and under control. Not all owners are so courteous.

  3. i see this all.the.time. on one of the popular trails around here...i've been running and people will block the path in a big group talking, and their dogs are all around them and as i run past the dogs dart out and practically clothesline me. i hate irresponsible dog owners!

  4. Yes, righteous indignation can be exhausting. Hope you rested properly later.

  5. Another thing I dislike is when dog owners let their dogs have free roam of the streets and they look at you like it's your fault because you are running.

  6. Errghh, don't get me started on dog owners. I agree that those extendible leads are a headache... Even worse are the owners who know there dogs are 'chasers' but still let them off-lead... There is one particular couple in my area and they make NO effort to stop their dogs from chasing after other dogs and charging angrily at runners... Drives me CRAZY!

  7. I nearly took out a Jack Russell on my bike - the lead was fully extended, the dog in the middle of the road - accident waiting to happen...grrr.

  8. Dogs owners sometimes tend to look at their canine companions as little humans, when in reality, they are canines and have a very different thought process. Consequently, dogs can't be free along the streets. Why dogs owners don't understand that? ... and I haven't mentioned yet dogs owners who leave dog's crap along the pedestrian area. I love dogs, cats and horses but the town, and its pedestrian areas, is a human environment. And first of all, poeple who don't have have a garden next to their house couldn't get a dog.

  9. I've been sent over to your blog by Andrea and Amy after I asked about good blogs to read and follow and they pointed out yours to me. I see we have some things in common (like running and the love for dogs) and I look forward to reading more from you.

    My dog is sometimes on a leash but sometimes she can walk around without it. She listens good and always stays close to me. However if I see a runner approaching I make sure Bella is close to me and leaves the runner alone (as a runner I hate dogs coming up to me when I run).

    I don't mind if dogs are walked without a leash as long as they listen and when they can be trusted.

    If you like, feel free to visit my blog (just restarted it due to hackers, not many posts so far).

  10. LOL you're hilarious. I just stop and yell at people. I HATE flex-y leashes - your dog should heel beside you :)

    I feel your pain. I can't believe how in considerate people are with their dogs. I get charge by off leash dogs all the time.....when Logan's involved I LOSE IT!


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