Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blood Shed

I knew there'd be blood shed yesterday.

I woke up in a not-very-happy-wish-I'd-finished-all-my-shopping mood. And I had to get my testosterone levels checked so that meant a little trip to the pathology place and an up close and personal with a phlebotomist (just love the way that word rolls off the tongue) hence the blood shed.

I'm not really sure why I was so cranky. Maybe it's the 'roids. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it was because I had to take my better half to the shops and I like to shop alone. Maybe it was because there were so many more people at my normally quiet centre and I don't like to share. Definitely it was because I was tired and I was annoyed at my body for being tired. And I had a good case of DOMS from the 100m sprints we'd done the day before.

Why oh why do they insist on playing Christmas carols in the shopping centres at Christmas time? They should play really quick tempo music to get people moving faster. I spent my entire time dodging and weaving all the browsers and dawdlers. It was pretty much like a race where the walkers start at the front. Dodging and weaving is challenging when everything below your waist is stiff and tight. Even breathing was tough thanks to intercostal DOMS. But I made the finish line (ticking off my last three gifts) with only a few homicidal thoughts. Santa doesn't count thought crimes on his naughty list does he?

Luckily, though, I woke up feeling much better again this morning. I had a lovely, sweaty 11k run. Still suffering from DOMS. At one point there was a kookaburra on a low branch and I swear he was laughing at the way I was running but I'll take running funny over not running at all - I have very little pride. And neither did the triathlete who was running on the same path wearing just a white singlet, a Santa's hat and a pair of red Speedos. He kept making me want to sing Jingle Bells.

I got home and got a phone call from my cleaning lady telling me that she felt sick and she wouldn't be in today ... or next week ... or the week after that. Good mood vanished to be replaced by psychotic hate-filled harridan. If there's one thing I hate more than cleaning, it's cleaning in 30+ degree temps. But I think I hate stretching after my sweaty runs on a dirty carpet even more. Hairy backs aren't exactly sexy on a woman.

But my usual sunny disposition has been restored thanks to a phone call to my Gynaecologist. The blood results are in and my testosterone levels are within the normal range. That's got to be good. And if they stay there I might start to get back some of what I lost. I still have to remain on the cream and will have a follow-up test in a month. I'm really hoping that in this next month I'll start to see real, tangible results (and by tangible results I don't mean the hairy back scenario).

I'd like to finish this post with a little advice for husbands or partners. If your wife is undergoing hormone therapy and has a, shall we say 'unbalanced' day, when she apologises for being a bit moody (and by a bit I mean threatening to ram cars whose drivers were thoughtless and inconsiderate and being just generally snappy), it's probably best not to say "This better not be permanent". I'd suggest a "It's okay darling. I know your body's undergoing huge changes at the moment and you've had a really hard year. Here let me rub your feet and then I'll get dinner" will get you a much better response and possibly save your life.


  1. LOL! He can be glad it wasn't his blood that was shed! Hang in there, Char. Hormone treatment or not, I hate the shopping this time of year, too.

  2. This better not be permanent.

  3. Ha, ha! LOL at that final paragraph. I'm sure my husband would relate in the same situation.

    Yes, I really hate all the holiday songs at the stores. I've always felt sorry for the folks who work in retail--it would be dreadful to be a captive audience of that!

  4. Yay for normal range. But boo on the hormone swings. Laughing at what your husband said. ha ha. gosh ,I'm so hormonal poor husband..he's in for it if/when I start having hormone imbalances. They all are in for it...big time. :) My hormones swing enough.

  5. As we can see, running always makes us feel good: your 11 km run made you feel better ... after that unpleasant shopping experience :)
    I hate to go shopping at Christmas too!

  6. Normal range is great! May they stay that way with minimal swings. Can you tell the Caveman that thing about dinner and foot rubs?

  7. Oh, I hope Santa wasn't watching you yesterday!!!

  8. Hysterical. Dare I say Poor Iven!

  9. Oh, I hate shopping centres at this time of year. Well, I hate them at any time but this time is worse! I think there's a tiredness or exhaustion that comes as well.

    Glad your hormones are settling down!


  10. Good deal on those runs! The Christmas music does not help make "Merry & Bright" - especially when the shops get crowded.

  11. I know some very sexy ladies with black hair!!! Our "slave" has also taken a Christmass break, but as I sat on the carpet last night stretching I didn't think it was to covered in puppy fur (sounds better than dog hair!!!)
    Christmas is coming, so Run run run...

  12. hahaha, Danny is the worst for coming out with some less-than-smart lines when I have warned him that I'm feeling particularly 'tender'...
    Glad to hear the testosterone results came back in the normal range, fingers crossed for more success over the next month.


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