Monday, December 17, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The last few days have been a bit of a roller coaster as you might have guessed from the title.

Let's start with the ugly. I'm so incredibly sad that there are 20 little kids who will never get to grow up. I can't fathom the incredible waste of life. And I can't understand how this can happen over and over again without any change happening.

The bad - my stupid health again! I had three really good days last week then in a fit of excitement I ran too far Thursday and had three really bad/tired days. I'm always getting too far ahead of myself. Today's speed session was a bit abbreviated. I ran the warm up, a few sprint 100m as part of a relay and then the cool down. And  the sad thing is that I'm sure I'm going to be stiff and sore tomorrow. Sprinting is so different to running slowly! Needless to say, I won't be running 15k this Thursday - I've learnt my lesson this week. I may have forgotten it by next week.

Another bad - the weather. I hate summer - whine, whine, whine! Last night it didn't get below 25C/77F and the humidity was unbearable. It could have been part of the reason why the speed session was so hard.

And it doesn't just affect my running - you should try icing cupcakes with buttercream and trying to stop the icing from just sliding off into a puddle. I wanted to make some festive cupcakes for this morning's running session. The cupcakes baking was the easy bit. I left the decorating till yesterday and got up extra-early to beat the heat. But it wasn't early enough. I ended up icing a couple of cakes at a time and then putting the cakes and the piping bag into the fridge. It was a bit of a pain considering that there was about 4 dozen cakes to decorate. Then I kept the cakes downstairs in my air conditioned workroom.

 They survived the night better than I did.

The Good - I finished one of the prettiest leotards that I've made all year. I just love that I get to make pretty stuff and I really love the reaction of the girls when they try it on.

Another good - Toby! That dog makes me laugh every single day without fail. The other day I went Christmas shopping for a couple of hours and came home to find this -

Guess who's been sleeping in my bed?!! 

Then yesterday he was a velcro dog. I was cooking. There's no way that he's going anywhere when there's bowls to be licked. He likes to help. And then I went down to the workroom to finish off some work and stay cool in the air con. He liked the air con but got a bit bored just hanging around so he kept barking at the door to be let out then barking to be let back in again. I got tired of having to stop work to let him in and out so I just refused to let him back in. He barked a couple of times then realised that I was ignoring him. 

He disappeared for a moment and when I looked at the door next I saw this.

It's hard to resist all that cuteness - and he knows it.


  1. The shooting is unfathomable and incredibly tragic.

    Good thing you have Toby to brighten your day!

  2. As a father, my heart hurts for their loss. Can't imagine.

    Hope you don't mind me bragging about your cakes!

  3. Toby & Rufus would get along a treat .... both big ball play fans I see :-).

    Newtown was so sad; 2 of my cousins live in the town - 1 has twin boys who missed going to the school by 1 road. You are torn between being thankful for having healthy children and the absolute despair of those that have lost theirs.

  4. toby IS so cute. I am upset about what happened to those kids too. I didnt post about it because I don't know what to say - maybe I will later.

    I love your cupcakes! I can't imagine having to do xmas baking in the summer. ARGH!

    I've got a few ideas for my xmas cupcakes...I think you'll like them ;)

    Oh and hopefully you'll feel better soon xoxox I think I do that same kind of thing - workout hard then not at all....but I'm not sick like you :(

  5. Wow--that leotard is gorgeous! As are the cupcakes, even in the heat.

    Sorry you had health issues again last few days. Hoping it's a blip on the screen.

  6. We can always count on Toby to be in the 'Good' column, even when he's up to mischief :) Such a cutie!
    Your cupcakes look fab, as always and despite the heat!

  7. Toby is a very clever dog and those toys of his just crack me up. I think your cupcakes look great. Feel better all around though. It's discouraging to go backwards.

  8. Why do i love that he's sleeping in your bed? Cheeky boy! I'd chalk up that poor run to the heat. 77 at night is unbearable.
    Gorgeous leotard!

  9. The leotard is beautiful, as are the cakes....

    I have to say I cannot understand runners' addiction to running. I read your posts and others who just itch to get out and run (even beyond what might healthy, as you've said) and I don't get it.

    But... I seriously envy that passion!


  10. Those cupcakes look delish! Now I want one for breakfast!

    Beautiful leotard! It's so wonderful that you get to do so many creative things in your life. Since I'm not particularly creative, I just have to live vicariously through you!


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