Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Indiscretions

I'm paying the price for yesterday's gustatory indiscretions. I knew the dangers. I'd warned myself of the consequences over and over again. I went against medical advice and ate like I ate in Christmases past. It was delicious and I don't regret it - well, there might be just the tiniest bit of food remorse.

Yesterday was just lovely. I woke up early and took my puppy for a run. There was method in my madness - I want Toby to learn to run with me. I want him to build up fitness slowly and carefully. And I'd run a 10k the day before and I knew if I took Toby I'd have to take lots of walk breaks. We set off up the hill but the run was almost over before it started. On the downhill, Toby spied a magpie and took off after it at a sprint. That meant that I was suddenly sprinting too - no warning and absolutely no balance. I just had to keep my legs moving quicker than they wanted to try to stay under my hurtling body. I'm so glad it was really early and there were no witnesses or else I may have ended up an unwitting contestant on the Funniest Home Video Show.

Once I'd regained my composure we continued on. Toby managed a good two kilometre stretch until we came to our next hazard. There was a dog off-leash in the school and there was only a wire fence between them. Toby's still a little wary of strangers since the attack so he bolted sideways ... into my leg. And once again I was flailing both arms and legs trying to stop an epic face-plant. Luckily my previous practice held me in good stead and the passing cyclists were disappointed that the potential carnage was averted. My balance is a little better than I thought it was.

Unfortunately it was a morning when mishaps came in threes. We managed to make it safely back to the oval next to our house (and I do mean literally next to - our fence is the school's fence). I decided, because there was no one around, to take Toby off his leash for the last little bit and I decided we'd run till my watch beeped. We took off around the oval and when we got to the place where we usually continue past the tennis courts to home my watch still hadn't beeped so I went on. Toby wasn't having a bar of this. He still hadn't had his breakfast and I suspect he was a bit over running in the heat wearing a fur coat. He sat down and refused to go on. And when I continued to run away he chased me down and jumped at my back. Strike three! Still didn't fall, though. Toby zero, Me three!

Once home and fed we started on our traditional (since last year) Christmas bagel baking activity. We have a very light lunch and bagels fit the bill with a bit of ham, salad and fruit (and assorted chocolates). It's a family activity. I mix the ingredients then get all my helper elves to pitch in with the kneading. They did a spectacular job and our bagels were delicious! But bagels are made of wheat and wheat is on my 'naughty' list - indiscretion number one.

After lunch was another family favourite tradition - the nap! It's an absolute must to keep the adults going for the rest of the festivities otherwise known as Christmas dinner. My Mum surpassed herself with the turkey this year. It was the best yet. And my sister Julie did her usual brilliant job with the desserts - Christmas pudding and custard AND Christmas ice cream. Christmas ice cream is my absolute favourite but is not lactose-free. I knew the risks but chose to indulge anyway. Indiscretion number two.

Today we went to see Les Mis. We'd just sat down to watch the opening credits when I felt the ghost of Christmas Present. There was audible rumbling that was only masked by Russell Crowe's big notes, cannon fire and the munching of the man seated in front of us. The rumbling continued through the entire three hours and luckily remained just that - lots of noise but no action.

 I'm planning on an afternoon walk with my favourite bowl-licker to rid me of ... well you probably have guessed what I'll be well rid of. I will keep a wide berth of smokers, barbecues and any other open flames.

And when it comes to next Christmas and the Christmas ice cream is passed around I will probably indulge again. Despite the pain, I have no regrets.


  1. Hahaha. Out the gate! Enjoy your walk!

  2. Hmmmm, I was hoping for soap opera like indiscretions, but this will do. I have to wonder if it is impossible not to over do it at Christmas.

  3. Good for you! I usually do regret eating a lot. It makes me feel fat and lazy. Luckily there's a cure for that feeling: going out for a run!
    That always makes me feel better, while burning off all those calories.

  4. It just wouldn't be Christmas without a few naughty indiscretions!! You sure packed a lot into one day....Les Mis would have had to been my nap for the day, I can't ever sit through a 3 hour movie. What a glorious day all in all though, despite a little necessity to ride the body of a few indulgences. :)

  5. I did the same - ate things I should not have - knowing the repercussions. Lots of water & green tea today, but yesterday was dee-lish!

  6. You make bagels as well as cupcakes. Why oh why are you on the other side of the world?

  7. lol
    I hope your walk went well... Sounds like you may have been 'helped along' by a 'tail wind' :)
    I think that when we are all grown up the food is the real highlight of Christmas Day (and the time spent with loved ones) so it's only right that we get to let loose on some of the foods that we ordinarily wouldn't and deal with the fall out later!

  8. Sounds like those indiscretions were well worth it! Sounds like you are all great cooks in your family :)

    Hope you continue to enjoy your holidays Char!

  9. I love that you have no regrets! You are always so committed and healthy that it is a great attitude that you made a choice, knew the consequences, accepted them and moved on. Such a great approach!



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