Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Week Down

It's been one week on my meds and almost one week off my meds and already I'm noticing a difference.

Yesterday I couldn't wear my ring. Yay! Fluid retention! Admittedly it was also a warm day and I'd been for a run but it didn't get any better through the day. Ironic that the ring Iven bought me to cheer me up after feeling so sick from the pill I can no longer wear because I've gone off the pill. I'm sure it's only temporary or I may have to end up ordering a dialling wand to make any phone calls.

For well over a year I've been having some problems with blurry vision. It was always worse after I'd spent time doing close-up work like sewing. I sewed all day Wednesday and could still see well. Or as well as someone who's as myopic as me can see. I'd put the blurriness down to getting older. I was wrong.

Yesterday's run went better. I did a route that I can add to if I'm feeling good but it has a couple of hills. I ran two out of the three hills and added the extra distance. Enough said.

Then yesterday evening I had enough energy to take Toby for a walk, which turned into a walk/run.

I've slept really well the last three nights.

I haven't had a cramp all week. I was getting foot cramps whenever I pointed my toes, which I do a surprising amount of times - it must be because of my unrealised dream of being a ballerina (from when I was about 7). And I'd had a very awkward calf cramp one day while I was holding the clutch in at a red light. I can point and clutch as much as I want now.

Apart from the fluid retention, the only negatives so far have been a propensity to cry very easily, a couple of pimples (I'm going through puberty again and this time I'm coming out a man) and a minor headache every day. Hey, I can live with that!

One thing's for sure - I'll stop treatment before it gets to this point. Imagine the chafing between the thighs after a long run.


Toby wasn't his normal self on his walk yesterday. I had to do a lot of coaxing to get him around our normal route. It was warm and I wondered if he was suffering too much under his thick coat. And then I wondered if he was nervous because of his recent dog attack. We'd run into a Staffordshire terrier early on the walk and Toby hadn't been too worried, although he wasn't quite his normal friendly self.

I managed to keep him walking and as we headed up a narrow path I noticed a rather large man with a very tiny dog (What is it with big men and small dogs? It just doesn't seem right. And no I'm not judgemental ... much). Then man had pulled over to the side so we could pass - or so he could take in the beauty of two blondes in full flight (cue self-deprecating laugh). But Toby wasn't going to cooperate with the full flight part of the scenario. He took one look at the tiny dog and stopped dead. I asked the man if Toby could say hello and he said it would be fine so I tried to coax Toby over. Toby wouldn't have a bar of it. There was NO WAY that he was going to get close to that 2 kilo poodle. My thirty kilo dog was terrified! The dog attack has scarred him in more than just a physical sense.

You're sure it just makes me look more ruggedly masculine? Maybe I should try a concealer - pass the permanent marker.

I felt so bad for my baby. And continued to feel bad all the rest of the way home. I was convinced now that his fears were the reason for him being so reluctant at the beginning of the walk. But that didn't turn out to be true. I found out the real reason when I got him home and he ran straight out into the back yard to make sure Bubbles hadn't finished his new bone while he was away.

A Golden Retriever who's ruled by his stomach? Who'd have ever thought it?!!


  1. I'm reading your experiences with keen interest. I just mentioned being whacked on the Pill to control perimenopause symptoms --and I feel like poo. Might try to get to the end of this packet and ditch it. The issue is the bleeding. Just won't stop when I'm not on it. Grrr

    1. Have you seen a gynae? Mine did have a few options up her sleeve - the Mirena IUD (one of my running friends loved it) or a uterine ablation (two of my readers commented that they'd had it and it was really successful).

  2. This post had me chuckling so much my workmates wanted to know what was so funny! They didn't know what to think when they glanced over and saw that body builder shot LOL

  3. That body builder is freaking scary! Please don't turn into that, Char! Glad that your meds are bringing some improvement, though.

  4. Good to hear that your sleeping and running are going well. I remember that episode of the Simpsons, that is such a good one - hopefully you can still use a phone keypad.

  5. Glad the meds are kicking in, Char! And so weird about the other symptoms before - I have all of them, too (blurry vision after reading or typing, new cramping, etc.). Hmmmm....Thanks for posting this stuff!

    Glad to see cutie Toby's smile :)

  6. Glad to hear you went off the pill!! Just wanted to say hi from the Yasmin & Yaz Survivor Blog - If you ever want to share your story there, just let me know.


  7. Wow, Toby is getting so big. Glad it was just a bone issue and not a psychosis issue - cheaper to fix :).

    I'm also so glad to hear you're feeling better and despite the swelling...hopefully that will go down soon!

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  9. Glad you're feeling better and I can only imagine it will continue to improve.

    And that body builder's physique... ugh! Mind you, I don't really like female body builders' shapes full stop - but that's just a personal thing. As for the chaffing thighs, yes hello... I can so relate to that. (And not for running but everyday life, sadly!)


  10. Great to hear you're sleeping well and you're are feeling better gradually.
    Have a nice week!


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