Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just One of THOSE Days

I started a different post yesterday but events transpired and all of a sudden yesterday's post seems a little insignificant.

Did you ever have one of those days that starts out a certain way then all of a sudden you do a complete about-face? I had one of those days.

It started out completely normal for a Saturday. Well not completely normal. It was pouring (not that that's unusual this year) and I had my long run to get to. My inner sloth told me that it was much more sensible to stay in bed BUT I'd threatened two running friends with public shaming if they didn't show so how could I pike?? So I got dressed in the cold and dark - or tried to get dressed. I'd forgotten to put out my running bra. That meant a surreptitious sortie into the bedroom to retrieve said vital undergarment. And of course in my addled early morning state I chose the wrong one - cross-backed not standard. You men out there have it so easy.

By the time I turned up at our meeting spot the rain had almost stopped but that didn't last long. It was a very wet 21.5k. So wet that no amount of Body Glide could stop the chafing that I discovered when I hit the shower. But hey, I'd just run my longest run of the year in my biggest week of the year and it was one of those runs where I could have just kept on running. That little bit of chafing was like a medal of valour.

Run done, it was time for all the fun Saturday morning stuff like breakfast at a cafe (yum), shopping for our fruit and veg for the week (a necessary evil), unpacking said shopping and getting a load of washing sorted. Yep, Saturday's can be a barrel of laughs.

Usually the next thing on my list is to have lunch and then a nap. But I had other plans - a little bit of dress shopping with a wedding party. My friend Bec is getting married in June and is having a very small wedding - the bride, the groom and six guests. I've been honoured to have been one of those six. The plan was for all of the guests to colour coordinate so we can get some amazing photos. So Saturday we were going to look at fabric.

But getting a dress made is a pretty big job - choosing fabric, design, finding a dressmaker and going for fittings. So the fabric shopping became an orgy of trying on dresses. And I can't believe that I actually enjoyed it. And even better - that we found something really quickly. AND I bought another dress for my brother-in-law's upcoming 50th.

Successful shopping trip over, we returned back home for a little puppy meet and greet. I introduced Iven (who had been home doing some handyman stuff) to the girls. They had to leave and I finally went upstairs to sit down only to find Iven clutching a wad of paper towel to his hand.

"What did you do?"

"Just got myself with the angle grinder."

 That's never going to be a good thing. Flesh meeting flesh-eating electrical device. I asked to see the damage and I was right - as I usually am. We were heading to the medical centre for stitches. But after seeing the doctor we were back in the car heading to the emergency room for hand surgery. Seems the angle grinder is also good at cutting through human tendons and Iven was no longer able to point with his Peter Pointer. No extensor tendon means that another line of communication is cut off if you're a male who likes to grunt and point.

Two doctors and a surgeon later (and three hours of just sitting and waiting) and the verdict was that yes, the tendon was cut and yes, he was to have surgery and yes, he had to stay in overnight.

Surgery was yesterday and it went well but he had to stay in overnight again to recover from it. He should be home some time today but hospitals are vortices that swallow time so heaven knows when it will be. And yes, this is my busiest week of the working year so far with deadlines that absolutely can't be missed. Swearing a little in my head!

Oh and in the middle of this I get my period. Surprise! Four days early. Lucky me.

But despite all this drama (note to the universe - I've had my fair share now. Please stop flinging crap at me), I'm still counting Saturday as a really good day. A great long run PLUS a new dress - doesn't get much better than that.


  1. I can't look at that picture. The medical profession lost nothing when I didn't choose it. Hope Iven heals well. That looks just awful! Ouch.

  2. OMG - poor Ivan and poor you!! No fun on the injury, surgery and hospital stay - I hope everything heals well!!!
    And, good luck getting all of your stuff made this week!!!

  3. Eek! That looks nasty. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

  4. I almost threw up when I saw that pic on facebook...why-o-why did I have to pop on your blog just as I was about to doze off...if I have nightmares tonight, you'll be the first to know.

    Nice score on the dress, though! :)

  5. I was a bit scared to open your blog, knowing there would be grusome pictures of Iven's hand... Hope he fares well.

  6. Oh no... poor Iven. At least he was about it. No man-flu over dramatisation... it sounds like he underplayed it if anything!


  7. Oh man, I hope that heels up nicely that is a nasty thing to look at. On the up side I'd like to congratulate Iven for being so cool and calm about it - mine would have had the world ending along with it.

    Great run, good on you for getting out there.

  8. That is one scary wound you have there! I'm glad you got it all sorted out.

  9. I should've been a doctor. How did you get it to stop bleeding long enough for the pic. Yowza.
    At least you had a spectacular run to balance it all out...sort of.

    1. It hardly bled at all. We think the angle grinder cauterised the cut.

  10. That looked awful! Wow! I'm so sorry he got chewed up - and then had to have surgery, to boot! What a weekend, Char!

  11. Oh my God! When I saw the first photo of Iven's hand I didn't think that the tendon was cut. I hope the recovery will be speedy!

  12. Oh that's awful! Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Wishing him a speedy recovery. (And on the good news side of things ... you scored a $20 coles voucher on my blog. You just have to email me with your address so I can send it to you!)

  13. I'm astonished! Two bombs have exploded at the finish line of the 117th Boston marathon!

  14. I wish Iven a speedy and full recovery.......... Gosh, that must have hurt.

    Congrats on getting your butt outta bed and running your longest run of the year!!!


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