Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Regularly Scheduled Vent

Bum, bum, bum, poo!

I'm channelling my inner three year old, my cranky inner three year old, who's not getting their own way today. 

I shouldn't really complain. After all I did get to start the day having breakfast out with some of the nicest people I know. Drinking the best coffee in Brisbane is sure to set you up for an amazing day surely?

The problem is that I'm totally OVER work at the moment. I've worked really long hours and some weekends trying to get everything done by their deadlines and I still have at least another ten days of really long hours to go. Why does every lycra-wearing sport have their competition date in the same month? Why can't every child in a trio be the same size so I don't have to draft three different patterns? Why does the coach continue to choose discontinued fabrics so I have to ring her and get her to re-choose? (I should possibly take some of the blame for that one and sort out my fabric samples more often). Why can't the competitors do their routine naked if I haven't had time to finish? Why do I take on so much work??

I can answer the last one. It's because I don't like to say no. It's too hard to say to clients who've come back year after year.

Every year I say to myself that I'm not going to get to this point and every year I find out I'm here again. Talk about a slow learner.

So what would I rather be doing? Reading one of the running magazines that I've been stock-piling for a while because I don't have enough time to read them. Having a nap after lunch because it's cool and rainy and perfect napping weather. Baking some cupcakes because the container is nearly empty and I've got a hectic weekend coming up. Taking the dogs for a walk because Iven's had to do it nearly every day this week. 

Poor Iven has really had to take up my slack. As well as walking the dogs, he's had to be more involved in preparing the evening meal. And I've been so cranky at the end of the day that I've been less than grateful about it. It's so, so wrong of me but seriously, how hard is it to cut up the broccoli the right way (big bits, not tiny little ones that overcook) or to make the carrot slices all the same thickness? And don't even get me started on the way he hangs up clothes. Or how he slurps his tea and gulps it too loudly while crunching on a piece of chocolate. Yes, crunching!

Add to that the fact that he didn't read my mind last Friday (oh, I NEVER forget anything) and suggest that he go buy the Vietnamese salad that I really wanted for dinner instead of cereal. The man's lucky that he's still alive.

I am a mean, mean person. (Hang head in shame)

But I'm managing to keep a lid on actually venting the meanness and say something that would show just how petty I can get. And all that suppressed pressure is building up inside just ready to explode in a weak moment.

Actually, I may have let a little bit of it out yesterday on the phone to some poor girl. A few weeks ago my son sent his phone back to be repaired. Or rather I sent it back to be repaired because, apparently I have more time to run around and do errands. I sent it back in the regular post, not registered mail, because I didn't even think of registering it and no one suggested it. And the phone has never reached its destination. My suspicion is that some Australia Post worker who's less than honest has pocketed it (Idiot!! Who'd steal a broken phone?) and now my son is out a few hundred dollars if he chooses to replace it. And I feel guilty because I posted it.

So, to assuage my guilt a little, I volunteered to ring Australia Post and see if anything could be done. I couldn't ring on my land line because that's been out for a couple of weeks and Telstra hasn't been able to catch up on repairs since we had the floods at the beginning of the year. (Don't get me started on that one and how I have to pay extra every bill because it's a business phone just so we'll get priority if there are any issues and how their phone centre is based overseas and has staff whose accents are so thick that it's hard to know if they're speaking English or not)

 So I'm on hold for over 15 minutes on my mobile, unpacking groceries with one hand while trying not to think of my next phone bill or the brain tumour that I'm nurturing with all that mobile phone radiation. One dropped tub of yoghurt later (which Toby enthusiastically helped me clean up) I was talking to a girl who helpfully told me that I should have sent it by registered mail (yeah, I know that now) and that no, it wasn't on their list of 'unable to be delivered items' and there was nothing more that she could do. To that I made the helpful suggestion that her company should do better background checks on their workers and wasn't I just so silly for thinking that by spending money to get something delivered, it would actually happen. And I think I ended up the conversation by saying 'well thanks ... for pretty much nothing!'

And then I went to their Facebook page to vent a little more only to have another helpful little person tell me that I should have sent it by registered mail. Great advice and absolutely no help whatsoever.

Do you think that my testosterone treatment is turning me into a grumpy old man?

So I've had my little vent for the day. I'm going to now head downstairs and tackle the leotards that are waiting. And wish that I'd made a stop at the supermarket to buy some chocolate to get me through. I might have to send some subliminal messages to Iven to pick some up on the way home from work. Let's see if he gets them this time.


  1. It's a good thing leotards are made from very stretchy material, I imagine you are tugging on them in a fit of anger. Maybe now on the testosterone, though, you have Hulk-like strength, and are actually shredding them?

  2. Sounds like you and I have had similar weeks. Except my ire was directed at the internet provider. Is your leotard season going longer than usual??

  3. The thought of all of the competitors doing their routines naked is so funny!!
    And, why don't our husbands read our minds - I thought that was part of the marriage vow!! I figure after enough years they should know what we want without us saying a word, right?!
    Hope you get everything done!!

  4. sigh...i love my hubby too but after 24 years together, i still shake my head at stuff he does! hope you get your orders all done and things get back to a more manageable pace!

  5. I hate to say no to work too - it's just fear that I might not get offered it again. And I also have a pile of running magazines that I never seem to have time to read.

    Poor Iven. You know it really is ok to have different size pieces of carrot...

  6. Venting is essential and so feel free.

    My biggest problem is taking out my anger on the person who least deserves it and they usually just come at the end of a range of catastrophes.

    Am sure Iven understands (I say hopefully!).

  7. Some days I feel safe being so far from Brisbane :) I feel your frustration. Both Anette and I work as contractors and get paid by the hour. We always take on more than we should and saying no doesn't happen. Luckily we can run the frustration away. Have a good weekend Char!

  8. Be damed husbands that cannot mind read, heaven knows I've tried with mine often enough!!!!!

    My conversations like that normally start with "I'm really sorry to shout at you and I know its not your fault but .........."
    If you have a receipt to prove you posted the parcel is that not enough to hold them accountable?

  9. I feel bad for chuckling at your venting but honestly, I can see myself doing the same. And no, advice on what you should have done after you didn't do it and know you should have really sucks! I mean, what' the point?

    And slurping drives me CRAZY! Sorry, it does. If only my husband would read my mind and realize how much it bugs me. That and starting the noisy kettle as soon as I settle down to watch something on TV and not the hour before when I am doing other things where noise wouldn't be a factor.

    Wow, venting works!

    Have a great day!

  10. I bet spectators viewing would increase if skaters started skating naked; you could maybe cut a deal with the venue they're skating at. :)

    I have weeks like this constantly, I honestly didn't know there wasn't any other way. Regardless, I hope the weekend is go start pulling out old fabric samples, stat!

  11. You are funny even or especially when you're mad! I went out for a nice after work beer/vent with co workers. Did me a world of good.

  12. You are definitely a hilarious grump :) I feel for you Char...I really do! Hang in there for better days to come :)

  13. You have too much work to do because you are the best! No doubts at all.

  14. Oh my gosh, I was getting physically worked up as you related the story about the phone. I cannot STAND incompetence! And, even more, I cannot stand it when people who are incompetent say things like "well you should have expected our company to be incompetent so you should have insured yourself." FUUUUUDGE!

    This is all to say... you DESERVE to vent!

  15. How could I say no to work too? ... I agree with you.

    I've heard of Greek salad or Turkish salad but not of Vientamese salad :) I would try that best coffee in Brisbane.
    I love dogs (and cats) but I hate taking them for a walk.

    Have a relaxing Sunday!


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