Sunday, April 28, 2013



Thank God last week's over.

Let's just say that it was challenging and leave it at that...

... and I would but that is way less fun than having a good old whiny bitch about it. Too much work and not enough time. Having the one-armed bandit steal even more of the time that I didn't have to go do trivial things like see doctors to have stitches removed. Hey, I could have done that with my quick unpick down in the work room.

I have a little wish list for this week - that my husband has some form of divine blessing and is miraculously healed and that my dog stops scratching himself.

Remember how Toby was wearing the cone of shame last week to stop him from chewing on his leg? Well the cone of shame did its job but caused another problem. Toby didn't like is around his neck so he scratched at it and he scratched enough to make his neck infected. There's nothing quite like getting cuddles from a dog whose neck is weeping and manky. After a couple of days trying to keep it clean with betidine I just waved the white flag in surrender and sent him up to the vet to get some antibiotics.

It's looking so much better even after only 48 hours. 

So that was the Reader's Digest version of the week's bad bits. Now it's time to move on to the highlights reel.

- Getting all of my work done. It took an 11 hour day and a threatening Facebook post to the boys to say there would be no dinner unless someone stepped up but it did finally get finished.

Thanks Luke for stepping into the breach and filling my apron.

- Having a great tempo run on Monday - 6 of the kilometres under the 5 min mark and the hilly kilometre at 5:03. I call that a success.

- Having another great session the following day at speed. Four of the 1k reps under 4:40 pace and the other three under 4:50. Another success.

- Making it to the lookout on the trail run without walking. Yeah, I know I walked a little on the very last hill but I'm still calling it a success.

- A solid 20k LSD on Saturday to round out the week.

Funny how four out of five positives are running-related. But running was what kept me sane last week and kept the family safe from their slightly work-crazed matriarch.

It all caught up with me on Sunday. Apart from a little walk to get coffee with a friend, some washing and a bit of cake decorating I just lay around and read for the most of the day. 

Happy Birthday Becky

And I skipped this morning's run - my body needed sleep more than it needed another flogging. 

This week will be much more sane. I hope.


  1. awww, your poor pup...hope his neck gets better soon. great job on the speed work, not that long ago when you were injured, so glad that you're back at it and doing so awesome!

  2. Here's wishing you a better week!

  3. Definitely a lot of ups and downs last week! But, that are such an artist! Congrats on the great runs :)

  4. This week HAS to be better. (Famous last words!)

    PS. Love the look of that cake. Also love that you recognise when you need a rest and take it!

  5. My body normally needs another run (that said I did take and afternoon nap on sunday). So there are advantages to having kids, we (Dawn and I, OK mostly Dawn) have to always make our own food... or just eat out.

    So the running is coming on, I think it's time too put on the racing shoes!!!

    good luck with the week ahead.

  6. I hope so for you too! At least those crazy weeks make us appreciate the calm ones even more...

  7. Running can certainly help an insane time. I didn't run this morning either but I do plan to get to it tonight. Reading anything good?

  8. Glad you made it through a crazy week. That is going to be mine this week and I"m not looking forward to it. But yes, running is what gets us through, for sure!

    Poor Toby!

  9. A dog and a husband - two (at least two) bandits in the house!

  10. Sometimes you really do need to give your body a break. It's lovely, reading in the afternoon when your body is all tired.

  11. Luke is cute in that apron! Oh poor Toby! I don't know what it is with the scratching here too. Actually we boarded our dogs a couple of weeks ago and one came back coughing and the other one itching. Ugh. Here's to a better week!

  12. Your poor dog!! Love that your son is wearing an apron and no shirt!! This week has to be better!! Tell your family that you expect them to make sure it is better - no severing of any limbs.....

  13. Good on you for rallying all in to help get things done even if it may have involved certain threats on lives ;-)

    DOGS!!!! I hope Toby's chin gets better. I love that its like he's showing it to the camera.

  14. Ah seems between you and me we always have some dog or other animal trouble. That cake is beautiful and looks delicious! I am such a cake sucker, yummy! We actually enforced a rule that we will not provide meals on a weekend unless the kids step up and help out. Last weekend we did just that and they all had to look after themselves on Sunday for food. We'll see if it worked at all come this weekend. :)

  15. Gorgeous cake! Yum! And if you can get your sons to help out in the kitchen (even if you have to threaten them) you get a medal of honor!

  16. Awee.. his chin looks painful! Threatening teens? Oh boy I need some more help. Running def keeps me sane!!!

  17. Great photo of your dog! Sorry to hear about Toby's trouble.
    I hope your one-armed bandit will be better and steal less time soon: and I'm Glad to see your son so helpful
    The cakes looks delicious, as usual.

  18. I love that phrase TGLWO. Funniest (and most true) thing I've seen all day.

    Hoping you have a better week. And I may be slobbering from your cake picture.

  19. Ah poor Toby, I feel for him.

    Looks to me you had some great runs during a crazy week. Well done.

    And that cake, I'm almost licking my screen, it looks so good.


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