Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seventy-Two Hours To a Better Me.

This little hiatus from running (and I do mean little because it's coming to an end - thank goodness) has taught me one big thing.

I am a better person when I'm running.

And by better I mean nicer, kinder, more balanced, more patient.

I know that the last week or so has been made a little bit more difficult by a few things (a gimpy husband, having to go for medical visits to try to stop him from permanently taking over my couch and my cold which is, thankfully, almost gone) but if I was running I probably would have handled them with a bit more dignity and a little less snarkiness.

Want an example? I gave Iven's Physio one of my cupcakes because I was enjoying watching him stick needles into my beloved.

I have, at times, been tempted to poke Iven with things that are sharp and pointy but my fear of prison and being beaten up by tough chicks with bad tattoos and not the full complement of teeth have prevented me from doing so thus far. (But it hasn't stopped me from making a murder pact with my favourite check-out lady whose husband also has a bad back). And while I haven't succumbed to temptation, it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy watching someone else do what I'm legally and morally not allowed to.

Another example? I made Iven watch The Bachelor with me last Wednesday and will insist on him watching it again tonight. It's possibly one of the worst shows I've ever watched but it's strangely compelling watching attractive, intelligent women being reduced to high school behaviour. So one could say I'm watching it out of scientific curiosity - anthropologically and anatomically.

My bad behaviour doesn't end there. I farted today. If I was running and had a bit more dignity that would have read 'I passed wind today' or 'I politely and discreetly expelled some flatulance'. Because I'm not running there was nothing polite or discreet about passing it in the milk aisle in Coles. And even worse, I sniggered about it because the irony appealed to my lactose-intolerant self. 

I've also been enjoying having the bed to myself way too much. Iven's been sleeping either on the couch or the floor for over two weeks now - mainly because he's been up and down, trying to find a comfortable position and if he can't sleep then at least he can watch a bit of TV or read. Now that he's finally starting to improve I suggested he might find the be more comfortable. Yes, that might sound like I'm a caring wife but I was secretly hoping that he stay put and it took me all of my self-control not to fist-pump when he decided that the lounge was a better option.

His reasoning? My cold that had finally moved from my throat to my nose might make me snore and keep him awake. It's more delicious irony!

Just three days to go till I'm officially allowed to run again. Seventy-two more hours to a better me.


  1. Bahahaha...laughing at you in the milk aisle. And enjoying your bed all to yourself.

  2. A bed to yourself! That is awesome and yes, I enjoy it too! Now imagine a bed in a hotel room all to yourself when traveling to a race solo....sinfully wonderful!

    I hope the 72 hours go by fast because yes, without my runs I am terribly cranky. My bumpersticker on my car and word cork board makes sure everyone in the world knows it too!

  3. You aren't the only one who is a better person when running: I have a couple of friends who are better because they can not talk while running... but I don't think that is what you are talking about!

    I've had needles in my calf, and I didn't get to take any pictures...

  4. Poor Iven. Does he read these blog posts?

    1. No but I read them to him if he's the star.

  5. You haven't lost your sarcastic humor which I love so much. I have the same sense of humor but since English isn't my native language it's difficult for me to write this way on my blog. But in real life, I'm like you.

    Just a couple of more days/hours to go before Iven has his lovely wife back :)

  6. Very soon you will be back pounding the pavement and all (well a lot more) will be right with the world.
    So funny that you were enjoying the needles being stuck in Iven!!!

  7. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa :-)
    Hope you all feel better soon xx

  8. Wait, the Bachelor is on? Or is it the Aussie version? It is SO ridiculous I cannot look away.

  9. I think all of us runners can relate! here's to 72 little hours passing really, really quickly!

  10. New reader here who finally succumbed to Grace's (Genetically Challenged Athlete) urging that I MUST check out your blog because you're hilarious. She is, as usual, on point.

    And you're totally right. When we moved to Singapore, we chose the area where we wanted to live because it is right next to the largest park/trail area in the whole city, and "Our marriage works better when I can run regularly, and without stopping at any traffic lights."

    Hope your 72 hrs pass in a jiffy!

  11. I'm with you on this one. I am a horrible person if I can't run. So I am extra happy today because I could run again after being downed by a stomach bug. 72 Hours, hang in there!

  12. When you're running again yopu can fart all you want outside in the air that used to be fresh.

  13. Hopefully by now you've gotten out for a run and are feeling less grumpy!

  14. Bahaha, I love it! You've spent a decent amount of time considering what prison life would be like for you!

    On another note - just quietly - I'd download snoring and play it on repeat near the bedroom door while Hubby is still on the lounge - just in case he considers moving to the bedroom one night.

  15. Hope you're back to running so far. And I hope it was a meditative and enjoyable one!

  16. So today you have run! I hope it was a very good workout.
    I am also a better person when I can run or swim.

  17. Hope you are all healed up and recovered from the cold and took a run today!

  18. I loved every single word of this post! And of course I'm glad that you'll be running again soon, too. I think we can all relate to the murder pact when we're not running, that should really be a legal defense.


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