Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where Did My Zen Go?

It was appropriate that I woke up to a great big pile of doggy poo in my lounge room this morning. Appropriate because that's what all my plans for a Zen taper and a relaxed, non-stressed week leading up to the marathon have turned into - a great big pile of steaming ... You can add in your favourite faecal word.

Where's my Zen gone? It vanished the moment Iven's back (or hip - we can't work out exactly where the pain's coming from) decided to start hurting. Again! He can't sit up for long. He can't find a comfortable position to lie in. He can't walk for any long distances and by long I mean walking to the toilet and back is about his limit. He's on day 3 now and there's been absolutely no improvement. And he's getting no relief from any of the three drugs that he's tried.

The next step is going to get a CT scan but because it's been a long weekend we haven't been able to get it done yet. Hopefully he'll be able to have that tomorrow and then we might know what we're dealing with. And then maybe we'll be able to have a direction for his treatment.

But the upshot is that I'm holding out absolutely no hope that he'll be able to come to Melbourne with me. So I have a couple of options open to me. The first is to not go and pretend the last four months of hard training (to say nothing of the year of overcoming my illness) didn't happen. It would be the proper, loving-wife thing to do BUT is fraught with the danger of a resentment build-up of volcanic proportions (I never claimed to be perfect - just human and a little bit crazy). And seeing as I get most of my answers to all of life's hard questions from Modern Family I thought I should take a leaf out of Mitchell's relationship play-book.

I know that I'd be leaving him in Sam's tender care. Sam's almost a physiotherapist which means that there's be at least a chance of treatment whereas I'm just an ex-vet and my answer to all of the most tricky medical problems is euthanasia and cremation. I'm thinking Iven would vote for Sam too.

The second option is to put on my big girl panties and go alone. Umm, yeah - not really so keen on that option. Not from the stand-point of the race but because of the aeroplane that's needed to get me down to it.

And the third option (and the most appealing from my stand-point) is to talk someone into coming to Melbourne with me - all expenses paid. 

You'd think that would appeal to at least one of my boys but I'm having a hard time talking them into it. It's the short notice, the timing in relation to the university term and the fact that the return flight is late Monday afternoon. So far son #2 is my best bet. It will all depend on whether he can get Monday off at such short notice AND how well I can do the sad puppy eyes.

And at this point of desperation, long painful labour stories are not beneath me. Those ones never get old.

Wish me luck!


  1. Oof. Hope Iven gets better soon. I've travelled solo to a marathon once (Tokyo in 2011) but fortunately had friends there - and made some on the way.

    But don't use the long painful labour story...I think the statute of limitations on those is two decades. :) I'm sure your puppy dog eyes will be enough! What nice young man would decline to squire his mum around for a marathon weekend, get some quality Mum time sans brothers, and all meals paid for?

  2. Sorry to hear about Iven! I think you HAVE to go to Melbourne and take someone with you. He would definitely want you to go and you'd regret it if you didn't!


  3. No, I'm not getting your post updates. That's strange because I always did.

  4. I hope the back/hip sorts out soon. My wife has been struggling with a hip and it does impact my running and sleep at times. I hope your puppy eyes are working! I think I also didn't get your updates.

  5. Oh - poor Iven and you!!! I hope y'all get some answers to the back/hip pain soon.
    But - no matter what - you have to do your race!!! I would totally sacrifice and come over to fly with you and all except I think it's next weekend and I'm supposed to run that 50 mile thing. Hmmm...Australia sounds like way more fun!

  6. Oh goodness what rotten timing, I hope you manage to find a travelling companion ... I'd offer my services but my eta home to pick up the kids from school would probably be friday at best ;-)
    Iven hope you fix up soon.

  7. Oh this stinks! I'm feeling bad for both you and Iven. Given the cremation option, he's probably pulling for you to go...I think you should, even if you can't talk someone into it. Crappy dilemma (and even a pun!) for you. Good luck with your decisions.

  8. Oh no! I hope by some miracle Iven's back/hip decide to cooperate so you don't have to go alone. Wish there was something I could do for you from here.

  9. If you want to fly me out, I'll be happy to come with you to Melborne and be your cheerleader and sherpa. Just holler.

    btw, saw your comment on Jim's blog .... your posts are not showing up on my sidebar blog roll :(.

  10. Hope Iven is better soon. I can totally understand you lost your Zen over this. I would too. Hope you got one of your boys to accompany you.

  11. I stepped in a great big pile of insert your fave word this morning hanging out the washing!! I feel your pain!! I hope you find your way down to the marathon, do not let your hardwork go to waste.

  12. Great play Iven, great play..... the good ol' "back is hurting so I can't come with you" routine...

    ... kidding, hope he gets better :)

  13. oh no!!! hoping that iven's back gets better and maybe miraculously he can go?! i feel so awful that he's hurt and that it's throwing a wrench in your well laid's a lot of lead up and work to get to a marathon so i'd be so torn too...hugs!!

  14. Just read your latest update, and I guess Iven won't be going with you. Glad you will have a support team though. Our dog had diarrhoea yesterday, I wasn't happy. But would could I do, blame the dog? Good luck with the marathon, if things have gone to poo now, hopefully that means it will all be out of the way by the time you get to the big day!


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