Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Still recovering.

No, I didn't run a surprise race. That would have been more in my comfort zone than what I had to do last week.

What I'm recovering from is a long weekend of events. Some of which involved dresses, make up and uncomfortable shoes. Not much running to be had.

Thursday night was the night of nights for runners in the Galeforce Running Squad. It's our Oscars - where your name might be called out and you have to fight through all your screaming fans to receive your trophy.

It's such a fun night. You arrive at the venue and wonder if you're in the right place because no one looks familiar. Then it slowly dawns on you that the faces are sort of like the ones you see a couple of times a week just minus the red cheeks and sweat. Hair isn't hidden in ponytails or under hats.

But a lot of the talk is still about running. And races. Best story of the night didn't involve either of these, though. It was all about poo (another favourite of runners) and how the awards night got a certain mother out of cleaning up a floatie from the bath tub.

Finally got to wear the dress I bought for my BIL's birthday but couldn't wear because I'd double-booked an interstate race that weekend.

Friday was all about creating. I'm desperately trying to finish the last few Rhythmic Gymnastics costumes before Christmas and this one had taken the best part of three days. It'll be spectacular when it's all blinged up with sequins and diamantes.

The sewing had to be done around another project that had to be finished that day. I was making another wedding cake for Tom and Bec, who'd been married in June in a very small event. They were having a renewal of vows ceremony and party for the rest of the family to celebrate the event.

Not a traditional wedding cake. And I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I didn't run on Saturday. Two big days in a row and knowing another was to follow made the sleep-in option irresistible. I found myself in yet another dress, wearing make-up and having my hair done. Twice in three days! What's my world coming to??

But the weekend wasn't over after the 'wedding'. I still had another day to fill to the brim if I chose so I started it early with a run up Mt Coottha. Note to self - fluoro pink may not be the best colour to wear if you don't want people to notice you when you have to take a desperate detour into the bushes. And just ignore the sniggering cyclists that recognise your outfit later on during the run.

Then Iven and I went shopping for a Christmas tree to replace the one we'd had to throw out after the Great Rat Incident of 2010. (Heavily pregnant mummy rat had to find a place to have her litter and the box containing our Christmas tree seemed like a good idea, seeing as Christmas is all about pregnant females having babies in untraditional places. The tree never smelled the same afterwards despite copious spraying with pine-scented deodoriser.)

All the girlfriends were over yesterday afternoon so there was plenty of help to get it decorated.

And that left me plenty of time to have fun making Toby pose in humiliating head-ornaments. 

So how was your weekend?


  1. Love your weekend and you look beautiful in the photos! And what a talented seamstress (is that the right word?) you are! We also humiliated our dog, in a Christmas shirt and colour and had her photo taken with Santa Paws. I get to pick it up later, can't wait. We still made her wear it for most of the weekend. I think she liked it by the end of it. Keep those poo stories coming ... x

  2. Wow... busy time and lots of frocking up! Love the dresses! And I really love that cake. I saw it on FB and decided it was MY kind of wedding cake!

  3. Poor Toby. He looks so good natured. You look great. It is funny when we see other runners in real clothes how good they look! That costume you made is amazing. You have so many talents.

  4. oooh i'm thinking about doing a simlar cake next week for my partner Ben's birthday! I had a similar week. First night home tonight since last Wednesday. Can't wait for early to bed, early to rise normal routine again!

  5. You are busy indeed! I am always amazed at how creative you are! My weekend was mainly taken up by driving kids up and down. Not my favorite way to spend the weekend...

  6. Love the gymnastics outfit … please show one with it all blinded up :-)

  7. Ah poor Toby (but it's very funny)

    Looks like you had a busy weekend but filled with fun things. I love your dress. Looks very good on you.

  8. Holy cow , that cake is amazing! You are so talented. And you are a hot mama in that red dress! Glad you had a festive weekend.

  9. You are gorgeous in both dresses but the red is my favorite!!!
    And - I love that cake - so much better than a traditional cake!!!

  10. I think you dressed up more this weekend than I have all year. LOL

  11. What a beautiful picture of you! ... I agree with Kim: you look great in the red dress.

  12. I'm going to have to start reading religiously so I can flabbergast you ;-)

    I always wanted my mom to make me costumes like that for skating. She never would.

    That rat story...

  13. Great pictures! Your creativity would put Martha Stewart to shame.

  14. You look gorgeous, Char! And the cake looks YUM!

  15. You look stunning, Char! All that hard work running has paid off in other areas besides being speedy :).

    Toby looks really stoked for Christmas...he's probably going to eat that cake as payback!


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