Sunday, August 3, 2014

Troll Attack!

I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to work out what to write about. I feel like I've been away so long even though it's only been about a fortnight. So much has happened. Too much has happened. And very little of it I'm able to share.

I haven't been able to run much. I haven't been able to eat much (which is why I haven't been able to run). I've had to take time out to escape into my cave and lick my wounds.

Damn, life is hard at times.

But instead of mulling over how I'm feeling I want to share the highlight of last week.

I was attacked by trolls!

Not these kind of trolls. 

The trolls I'm talking about are the nasty humans that like to stir up trouble from their computer keyboard. And I was their target because I'd written a review to my local supermarket just giving them feedback on the fact that they kept changing their aisles around. I'd written this review at least six months ago.

The first troll decided that I had way too little to do with my life and way too much time on my hands if a supermarket layout was enough to upset me. Hah - he obviously has no idea how an upset menopausal woman with a decent vocabulary would write. My comment was just constructive feedback so they wouldn't lose frustrated customers.

So I kindly informed Troll #1 that it was precisely because I had plenty to do and not enough time that having to search for items every time they changed the layout was why I and so many of their other customers were frustrated.

That was a mistake. He'd baited a hook, I'd taken a bite and it was on.

He pulled in a friend of his, Troll #2, and it proceeded to get very nasty. I got called a s%!thouse. Friends of mine were called trolls, bitter old ladies. 'Children are starving in Africa and you're crying over a Woolworths layout'.

It was kind of amusing. Here they were saying that I didn't have enough important things to fill my life and yet they couldn't see the irony that they were filling their time trawling through old supermarket reviews to find some excitement. They must have finished watching the boxed set of Sons of Anarchy that they'd received for Christmas.

I wanted so very much to cut them down with my scathing retorts and obviously superior intellect but reason told me that once they resorted to personal attacks, they probably wouldn't actually understand words of more than two syllables. And that would only serve to infuriate their tiny little brains further.
So I pulled down the review and had a bit of a laugh with the friends who had become involved. Together we decided that neither Troll #1 or Troll #2 could possible be runners and we left it at that.

But to Jordan or Daniel, in the very remote possibility that you read my blog, I do have one last thing to say - because it killed me not to have the last word.


  1. Trolls - dumb for real! I cant count how many times I have been attacked by them. The best thing to do is not feed into their negativity.

    Run running much? What did I miss??

  2. Oh no! I've been pretty lucky but I've had a couple and there's nothing worse. I love your approach though - walking away cos you're never gonna win that fight and you probably don't want to (given what you'd have to stoop to in order to do so!).


  3. Hope yo* come o*t of this stronger, I'm not referring to the trolls either xx
    * in place of letter not working on keyboard!!!!!

  4. That sucks. I think you did the right thing taking the high road with these morons. I have a particular reader of my blog who occasionally will diagnose me and "correct" me on something I've written they don't approve of ... all while stating their contrary opinion anonymously of course. It's really annoying at times, but I try to take the high road and use the information constructively, which is not really in my DNA.

    PS - I'm reading "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbran and was reminded of you when when she describes Australia's involvement in WWII

  5. I've had a couple of trolls over the years…they are no fun. You are handling it well.

    And sending you a virtual hug for all that is going on. I hope things are turning up for you soon.

  6. Glad you're back. I was worried. Hope all is ok. Oh goodness, trolls? Yeah they need to get a life and maybe they wouldn't need to spew hate in ridiculous places.

  7. You are better off leaving the trolls behind! I am so sorry you had to go through this! Big hugs being sent your way!

  8. I detest trolls. I can't imagine how someone could get pleasure in their life by tearing down others. I just can't fathom that.

  9. It is hard to imagine some people get their jollies by putting others down but there are examples of this on the internet all the time.
    Hope things turn around for you.

  10. Trolls are ridiculous - I always wonder what makes them tick!!
    I hope that all the other stuff going on with you is getting better - not running is bad but not being able to eat is even worse - take care of yourself!!!

  11. Ha, and now you did get in the last word. I must admit I can get upset about changing aisles too. Hope you are feeling better and good enough to be running. Take care!

  12. I feel your pain both supermarket-wise and troll-wise :-). When I get tempted to rise to troll bait, I look up this xkcd comic (, especially the mouseover) and I feel better :-).

  13. Trolls! Those trolls make me laugh. Too much time on whose hands, now?

    But you probably have a close enough relationship with your local supermarket to just email the manager and tell them about your aisle problem. ;)

  14. I have two rules:
    Never engage with trolls..might as well hit self with hammer
    Never have important conversations via email. If diplomats used email it would be nuclear war in 10 minutes ;)

  15. Trolls are the worst. Seriously? Don't they have anything else to do?


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