Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And The Oscar Goes To ...

I need to insure my legs. Cause they're in the movies now. Truly!

Last week I went along to Bodytrack for my weekly torture session. Because of my cranky hammy I spent the first ten minutes or so with Dan checking out my strength, flexibility and other exercise physiology-type things. He was so impressed with the results of one of the tests that he decided to film it and show me.

By impressed I mean he was blown away by how confused my muscle firing patterns are. My hammy wants to do ALL THE WORK. And my lazy-arse glutes are just that. No wonder my hammy had a little hissy fit and downed tools for a while.

Dan was pretty pleased with his camera work/muscle testing multi-tasking and wanted to show me how weirdly I work so I sat up and pressed play.

I really didn't take a hell of a lot of notice of what he was wanting to show me. He might have seen strange things happening but all I could see was that I didn't have very much cellulite. And that I'd managed to pluck out all the freakishly long hairs that I'd found back there a few days beforehand. I may not be flexible enough to touch my toes but I'm flexible enough to see the hairs on the backs of my thighs.

Vanity thy name is woman.

At least I can run this shorts season in my short shorts without fear of what runners behind me are having to see. Not too much cottage cheese. No flowing locks in all the wrong places.

Admittedly I probably would have worn shorts anyway. Most of the time I figure if I can't see it then no one else can. Like that time that one of the Bronco's footballers walked in on me while I was having a shower at the UQ athletics track. My glasses were off so I couldn't see who it was - ergo he couldn't see me. Totally logical. In my head at least. But it is comforting to know that I'm not contributing to the visual pollution on the city streets.

And that hammy? So much better this week. I've run 2 X 20k runs, a speed session and that Sunday sanity saver between last Saturday and today and it's been a trooper. So much so that the physio said that I didn't need to come back - just keep on with the stretches, rolling and strengthening.


  1. Your film debut - looking good! Maybe you could audition to be a leg model or a body double for a running flick? Glad to hear it's feeling better, too, and it's not all just cosmetic!

  2. You have bloody awesome legs woman! But I want to know where the phrase "Vanity thy name is woman' came from??? In Hamlet the quote is 'Frailty, thy name is woman'. I want to know!

  3. Yeah I don't know what he's seeing. But yes, no cheese of any kind for the win. Yay for the ornery hammy feeling better!

  4. Excellent news!!!! I'm in agreement - if I can't see it no-one else can LOL!!!

  5. Can't play you video here at the office, will have to find it at home... have you watch it and see what the hype is about... (your sexy legs)


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