Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'd just like to start by saying This Week has Sucked!! Actually, the whole week hasn't sucked just the last three days. I've hit the wall, energy-wise and have spent most of the days being athletic vicariously by watching the tennis. (Or in other words - being a couch potato) I had to miss yesterday's run and I don't like missing runs.

I haven't quite diagnosed my problem but number one on the list is over-training syndrome rearing its ugly head again. Last week, because I'd been feeling so good, I went for an extra-long Thursday run. I was still tired when I ran on Saturday and Tuesday's speed session was pretty full-on. Diagnosis number two would be a low-grade virus. I've had a lot of nausea with the fatigue but the nausea could be a symptom of diagnosis no 3 - a side-effect of the new supplement I've started this week (and have now stopped to work out if it was the cause). The final option would be something like cancer - but I think this is the least probable so will disregard it at the moment.

So it's the second-last week of my break before I go back to work and what have I achieved? That's right, a big, fat ZERO!! Actually, that's not totally correct. I have made Luke come out so we could get school shoes and runners seeing as his feet have refused to stop growing. And I have made my first attempts at sponge cakes (Not totally successful - the first didn't rise and the second didn't taste that great) At least I get my beach run on Sunday, all things going well. Finger's crossed that I'm feeling back to normal soon.


  1. Sorry you feel crappy. Hang in there. Things will change at some point. Hopefully soon!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself - Sounds like you just need a little down time. A few days off is good for the body and soul, and you might even find yourself a little stronger as a result. When I get tired, it's a reminder that I've been training hard and getting stronger.


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