Saturday, January 9, 2010

How much Chocolate is too much?

I've finally found out the answer to this perplexing question that millions of women before me have puzzled over. The amount of chocolate that I was given for Christmas was too much. The list starts here -
1 x 380g packet of Peanut M&M's
2 x 200 g packets of Peanut M&M's
1 x 180g packet of Clinkers
1 packet of chocolate-coated liquorice
60 Ferrero Rochers
1 enormous box of Lindt chocolate
1 175g box Lindt Lindor
1 225g box Guylian chocolate
1 packet of Cadbury's Scorched Almonds

All of these were given to me on Christmas day but on Friday Sam returned from his trip overseas and presented me with a block of Australian organic chocolate, a packet of beautiful Dutch chocolate and a 1 kilo packet of Peanut M&M's!!!! I'm now opening my pantry with fear and trepidation. Fear in that some of those packets and boxes will fall out and bury me alive on the kitchen floor. Trepidation that the millions of calories contained within can somehow be absorbed without consumption. Needless to say, I'm NOT looking forward to Easter.

And on the running front I had a lovely run yesterday. I was tired before I started so decided to be really cautious (I'm terrified of slipping back into overtraining syndrome) It was quite a pleasant morning - humid, but that's pretty normal at this time of year - and I was travelling well up to about 8k when the dreaded toilet urge hit. No problems, I thought. I was close to Southbank and the toilets were bound to be open. Wrong! The first toilet I hit was locked so I continued on to the far end. There was a security guard near the ferris wheel so I asked him if nearby loos were unlocked. He told me it was his first day on the job but he thought they should be.

I trotted off to the closest ones only to find them locked, as were my last options at the Piazza. At this point I was starting to sweat knowing that there were no more toilets until I got back to my starting point 4 k's away. So off I headed back past the security guard who asked if I'd had any luck. When I answered no he decided to share the fact that he was in possession of a key to the disabled toilet that I'd just tried and he'd let me have it if I'd solemnly promise to bring it back. I must have looked trustworthy enough because he graciously bestowed me with the shiny silver key and I earnt that trust by returning it in pristine condition.

It was only afterwards that I started to wonder what he thought a sweaty 40+ woman would do with his precious key. I suppose I could have spent the next few hours spotting equally desperate exercisers and offering them relief ... at a price. Or I could have taken the key, had it copied and used it for illicit after-hours comfort stops. Or made multiple copies and sold them on the black market to the disabled and able-bodied alike. Or altruistically I could have given them to the homeless so they could have a small port in a storm.

I'll never know what he imagined. All I can say is that I was truly grateful and the rest of my run was much more comfortable.


  1. Holy moly- you must be truly loved to score such a treasure trove of chocolate! I hope you have more willpower than I have.

    I've noticed that some people can be funny with restroom keys. It must be the power. :) Glad you got some relief.

  2. I don't know if I'm loved or if I'm really hard to buy for.


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