Sunday, January 3, 2010


My husband Iven is technologically challenged. He won't use the computer without a tutor (myself or one of the kids) at his side. He never sets up any of the new electronics - TV, VCR, DVD player, PVR. He did have a mobile phone but couldn't use it. The boys and I throw our hands up in exasperation over his ineptitude but we manage quite well despite him. However, my recent trip to Sydney with my sister highlighted the need for him to have a mobile phone and to be relatively proficient at using it. So for Christmas we bought him a brand new Samsung touchscreen phone.

One of his objections to using his last phone was that his fingers were too fat to manage the buttons - ergo the touchscreen. He'd had a little play with coach Chris's iPhone and managed it ok so touchscreen meant that fat fingers were no longer a valid excuse. So on Christmas day he was presented with his gift and he seemed pretty pleased. I sent him a text and waited with excited anticipation for the reply. It took forever to get a response and when I opened it ... nothing!! He'd only managed to send a blank text.

The next day the same thing happened and that's when it occurred to me that a blank text means that I can fill in the empty spaces. Obviously in his first text he'd meant to say "You're lovelier than words can say" and the second text while I was at the boxing day sales was "You can spend whatever you want - you deserve it for being such a wonderful wife!"

I was really starting to enjoy getting these blank texts so you can imagine my disappointment today when I got a text with words that made sense. Ah well - them's the breaks!

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