Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary Iven!

Today marks 24 years of marriage for Iven and I. One of my friends recently told me that life, for criminals is 25 years, so I've only got one more year until I can be let out on day release. Actually I'll probably hang around for a few more years cause after 24 years I'm sort-of used to having him around.

The weather today is remarkably like it was 24 years ago. It's hot and humid and there's a storm predicted for later this afternoon. Back in 1986 the storm wreaked a little havoc on our wedding reception. It was an outdoors affair in my parents garden. We'd hired a dance floor and had a live band (of two). The floor got soaked when it rained and dried slippery. Our wedding video is hilarious - one couple after the next trying to keep from slipping over. Our cake didn't fair too well in the humidity either. It had been three layers separated by tiny champagne flutes. Somehow it became unbalanced and came tumbling down. Luckily the pastry-chef was a guest and he managed to resurrect two layers of it.

Small disasters - but they didn't detract from the day at all. I had a ball and we haven't looked back. Sure we've had our moments. All couples do. But all-in-all we're happy. Hopefully we'll still be going strong in another 24 years.

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