Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Days

The last 24 hours have been happy ones. There's been no special one event to make them happy - just a series of nice things. The first was yesterday's run. It was supposed to be a 10k but I've been feeling really good so I decided to stretch it out a little. I was careful to take it slow - aiming for 6 min k's - and to keep my heart rate lowish. I managed a nice 16k run. The longest run I've done since I had to slow down. I didn't feel sick afterwards and didn't feel excessively tired. Yay!!!

The next nice thing that happened was getting chauffered around to two different shopping centres. My baby Luke is learning to drive so I was less of a passenger and more of an instructor. We managed to get safely there and back and rack up another hour on his log book.

I've been working on a jigsaw with Luke for the last couple of days and we'd gotten to the hard bit. Everything was shades of brown/grey and just putting in one piece warranted a high-five so my next nice thing was having Steph, one of Luke's friends who loves jigsaws, come over to get us over the hump. Then Teresa, Josh's girlfriend, came for dinner and together we finished it. Huge sense of achievement!

And for the final happy thing - Sam arrived home from his European adventure. I'm a happy Mum!

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  1. I love days like those. I hope you have many more!


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