Friday, January 15, 2010

Downward Dog

Yesterday didn't turn out as badly as I was expecting it to. I had a nice coffee with my older sister Julie. Then I came home and made the best sponge cake yet (I've finally found a decent recipe thanks to above-mentioned sister Julie who is an amazing cook) I'd bought myself a new cookbook which I showed to Luke (#3 son) and he got all inspired to experiment so we made a spinach and feta gozleme. Yum! And to round off the day I had a nice walk with Sam (#1 son) and the dogs. I managed to get through the day without a nap and then slept a lot better at night.

I talked a lot with Sam about my overtraining syndrome yesterday. He doesn't like the new name, Unexplained underperformance syndrome, because he believes it's the training that's the causal factor. I do think that intense training has a lot to do with it but in my case it was a major emotional stressor that tipped me from compensating into decompensating. The stressor was in the form of a 15 year old half-brother in another country. There's been an enormous toll on my mother and my four sisters and I was using running to help deal with it but now I've had that crutch partially removed and I'm needing to find other ways to deal with the stress. Walking is good but it doesn't quite give you the buzz that running does. I'm contemplating either yoga or pilates. Any opinions would be gratefully received.

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