Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eggciting News

There was excitement at our house yesterday. One of the chickens was acting strange. She was digging in the dirt and squatting and nestling against the other hen. And she was squawking and generally being quite loud. She was going to lay her first egg!!

I went down to watch and to open up their cage. Both birds came out but the bird in question was walking really uncomfortably. She was hunched over but her butt was elevated and all the feathers around that area were ruffled. 'Great!' I thought. 'Better get the camera to record this momentous event'

So I stood quietly and waited ... and waited ... and waited. She nestled down into the dirt elevated her tail feathers and strained and there it was - the most disgusting, sloppy, brown dropping! Talk about disappointing!!!

And so the wait continues.


  1. I was reading a book about snakes to my students today and it mentioned a few places there are NO snakes with New Zealand being one. Is that true? I may need to move there!

  2. We haven't had chicken for years. BUt remember the excitement of first eggs and chicks. Not so exciting washing all the eggs for sale.

  3. Perhaps you could show them the frying pan - maybe then they'll get their butts in gear!

  4. That's really funny! Hope the wait is over soon.


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