Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Accidents

My husband Iven came off his bike yesterday. He has been riding to and from work for a fair few years now so it was probably his time for something to happen. Apparently he was turning right at a roundabout. He stuck his hand out to indicate his intentions and moved into the right lane (after checking to make sure he was safe). The motorcyclist behind decided that he could probably squeeze through but he didn't quite make it. Iven heard the squeal of brakes and the next thing he knew he was skidding along the road.

I must say he was really lucky and it could have been much worse. He has a nice road rash on his forearm but nothing on his legs because of his work pants which are made of a very heavy duty cotton. He managed to keep his head off the ground and his bike got only minor damage. The motorcyclist ended up with a torn-up jacket and a bit of damage to the bike but no injuries. It was a good accident - as far as accidents go.

I piked on my hill session today. I haven't been sleeping that well this week and had a headache developing so I turned my alarm off and slept till the dogs scratched at the door, about 6:30. Damn I hate missing training but one of the things that I've learnt on the last year is that the occasional missed session REALLY doesn't matter. And it certainly doesn't mean that I'm weak and pathetic. (That's just what the evil me tells the good me) I'm looking forward to a good 22k on Saturday.


  1. This is scary. Glad your hubby is fine.
    In a mean sort of way I am glad the motorcyclist got his bike damaged. Maybe next time he will respect others on the road. Here in CA bikers, the motorized kind, are totally out of control. They squeeze in between cars in heavy traffic and have no concept of speed limits.
    Have a great 22k this weekend.

  2. Wow! Glad your husband is okay!

  3. Sorry about the accident but glad everyone's ok!
    You're right, missing one workout won't make a hill of beans difference. It's the mental aspect that messes with us.


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