Friday, May 21, 2010

I've been tagged by AJH at Age Group Rocks which makes this blog an easy one topic-wise. Seven things about me - hmmm!

1. I can't sleep without reading, even if it's just a page or two. (and it often is when I'm deep into heavy training)

2. When I was working my first locum as a Vet I met a girl who'd graduated as a Vet but worked as a sewing machinist in a factory. I couldn't believe that anyone would give up being a Vet for such a lowly position. I now spend most of my days sewing and I believe that life can be totally ironic.

3. Three days after my Grandmother, who I was really close to, died I dreamt that she phoned me. She had been quite deaf before she died but could hear clearly if you called her. She rang me to tell me that she was fine and she was with Grandpa, who'd died a few years before. Remembering this still gives me goosebumps.

4. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks between my second and third babies and so did one of my sisters.

5. I was state discus champion in my final year of high school but only because the girl who'd won the previous year had left school to do nursing..

6. One time while working as a Vet I had to euthanase a budgie. I decided to do it like we did chickens - by breaking their necks. I managed to pull the budgie's head right off.

7. One day I want to run a major overseas event - any suggestions?

If you haven't been tagged previously please consider yourself tagged, write 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 15 other people.

And on to the most important topic - today's 22k run. I can't quite say exactly how far I ran or how long it took me because I'd forgotten to delete the files off my very full Garmin. It got me to 10k and had a hissy-fit. I ran a loop that I know is just over 21k and added an extra loop through the Botanical Gardens so I think I would have done at least 22k. And I got back to our starting point just under 2 hours even though I stopped and chatted to an old friend for a while. The highlights of the run were chatting to two new group members and wondering why there was a mattress right across our running path. The lowlight was finding out from my old friend that she hadn't become a grandma because the baby had died of spina bifida. So sad!


  1. I always read before bed too... often in a hot bath!

    Come to Canada and run the Niagara Falls International Marathon... the only marathon to start on one country and end in another!

  2. Number 3 gave me goosebumps!

    Lots of cool races out there! It'd be hard to choose.

  3. I loved comment number what makes you the happiest :)!

  4. Thanks for reading and comment my last post. You've asked about overseas event. Although I've never run a marathon, I think Venice's Marathon here in Italy is beautiful. Berlin's Marathon in Germany is nice too.
    Have a nice training.

  5. You are champion - cool!

  6. Major overseas event? Come to Italy: Rome, Florence or Venice. But Rome is my favourite of course, here you can enter the marathon, the half or an amazing run by night.

  7. #1 is completely true about me. I don't understand it when people say they have no time to read.
    Sorry about your friend. There are so many great overseas events. I would go for a scenic one of a country I wanted to visit.


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