Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mums. I hope you have had or are having as lovely as day as me. My day started with breakfast out with my boys. Then I spent the next couple of hours finishing off my cupcake masterpiece for my Mum's afternoon tea and making pumpkin scones. It was such a lovely creative way to spend the afternoon - baking and listening to my favourite music.

Then it was off to Mum's for our traditional Mother's Day afternoon tea. All four of my sisters were there and all of us cook so it's a bit of an eat-fest. Julie, my oldest sister makes something like a calzone. It has pizza dough filled with haloumi, tomato and mint leaves. It's delicious! Then there were sandwiches, a cheese platter, scones, spring rolls, curry puffs, slice and cake. My poor Dad loves food (you can tell by the size of his tummy) and he finds it impossible to be restrained. He reckons he has to have a taste of everything so none of his daughters feels left out but we know better.

Anyway I promised a pic of my giant cupcake. I was a little disappointed with the actual cake part. It could have been moister. Next time I'll try a different recipe. But I was happy with how it looked. Unfortunately I managed to mess it up a little in transit by brushing it against my enormous rack! (I say that tongue in cheek) So I arrived at Mum's place with meringue and icing smeared on my chest.

So here it is.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like it was a great one. I'm just waking up to Sunday now. :)

    WOW, that is one amazingly giant cupcake!!!

  2. It looks beautiful. I just had to go look at your profile to see where you were from. I had no idea! It is amazing what a small world these blogs produce! The pumpkin scones sound perfect. I am still looking forward to dinner with my son and husband. First MD without my daughter. :(

  3. Holy smokes - I don't think I would ever eat that cupcake - it looks like art.

  4. I see you spent a wonderful Mother's day ... putting on weight with all that food. The cake looks beautiful and good.
    Calzone is an italian word and an italian recipe as you know. Have you ever eaten a calzone in Italy?

  5. That cupcake looks freaking amazing!!! Miammmmm :)

  6. Damn! Check out that cupcake. Thanks for asking about Lucky on my blog. He had a cataract gone bad. It had burst through and was putting pressure on the eye. Major risk for glaucoma. Because he didn't have much vision in the eye, they thought it best to take it out. He's post surgery now and doing okay. Doesn't look so hot, but once the hair grows back, he should look a bit better!


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