Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There's a lot of breathless anticipation in our household at the moment. We're awaiting a few things at the moment - some good and some not so. On the not-so-good side we have exams in the offing. Josh has his second-last exam session ever!!! It's great to be so close to the end but there's soooo much to get through. Plus Josh is a bit of a stress-head. He likes to do well (He got a Dean's Scholar Award last semester) but in the process screws himself up in knots.

Luke is also looking down the barrel of exams. He's a bit more relaxed about it at the moment but that's because he's a procrastinator. The urgency will catch up to him soon and it'll hit hard.

On the good side, I have my first race coming up in a week and a half. I'm a little nervous about it - wondering how hard I can push myself and if I'll have any unwanted after-effects. If only my crystal ball was working.

The most important thing that we're looking forward to is the arrival of our first egg. Our chickens, the Roxettes, are now about 6 months old and theoretically SHOULD have started laying. They've been practicing their 'I've laid and egg' cackle so I keep racing out to check but so far nothing!I'm starting to get a little pissed off because I think they're having a little private joke with me. I've started to threaten them with delicious chicken recipes but my threats are falling on deaf ears.

Speed session went well yesterday. Coach Chris had us running 600m reps with a 200 recovery. I ran 9 reps at 4:30 pace (that's 2:43 per rep). It got tough for the last few but I was pushed along by a group member so I didn't get a chance to slacken off. Rest day today then back at hills tomorrow.


  1. My crystal ball is working and it says you're clearly going to rock your race.
    Love the hen pic! Good luck with the egg production!

  2. Love the chickens! I had some like that years ago and really miss them. Maybe I should...
    You are going to have an awesome race!

  3. Time for you to make an "example" of one of those chickens...

  4. Check out my post tomorrow....you inspired it with your post of the 23th of May. In that post you wrote about your relaxed 12 km run in almost total darkness.
    Looking forward to hearing about your first egg :)

  5. That is going to be one fine omlette.

  6. Hope the chicks do what they were purchased to do soon :)
    You'll rock your race!!

  7. It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things going on! I'd be waiting for those eggs, too! I love the picture of the girls looking in the window, very cute!


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