Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life Is Good

Hhhhhhh! That's the sound of me letting go a huge sigh of relief. I have finally got my work orders under control. It's taken long days, weekends and the last two public holidays and now I can take my foot off the accelerator for a little while. I'm even thinking I may take a couple of Fridays off - at least until work becomes manic again.

I was back at hills yesterday after a week's hiatus (because of the late evenings of school concerts). Being that it was the first Thursday in the month we started on the top of the hill. It was pitch black except for our flashing red lights that we clip to our shorts for safety reasons (my sister calls them flashing red haemmorhoids) I found out yesterday that I'm the clumsiest runner in the group. I managed to almost trip not once, not twice but THREE times in the course of the run. The first was on a twig and the second and third were on rocks. No one else seemed to have any problems - must be that I hardly lift my feet off the ground.

We ran along the road for twenty minutes, watching the sun come up over the city and listening to the birds. It was beautiful and peaceful and it gave me the most lovely start to what was going to be a hectic day.

Today started with a sound that I haven't heard in a few weeks - Josh, my broken-hearted boy, came singing down the hallway, full of his normal energy. He was off downstairs to pump some iron. I think he's getting over his broken heart - not that he's over Teresa but he's learning to live with the pain and getting on with it.

So for today - Life is good!


  1. Your early morning run sounds wonderful and glad your son is feeling better.

  2. Wow, running before the sun comes hero! :)
    So very glad to hear your son is feeling better.

  3. If I'm running with others, I am usually the one who trips, kicks up dust, etc. So I'm glad to know that I'm not alone! Glad to hear things are going well for both you and Josh!

  4. Great job on the hills! Glad you didn't take a tumble.

    Excellent news that your son seems tobe getting back to his old self.

  5. Nice work. And so glad your boy is feeling more like himself--whew for you!

  6. Early morning runs are amazing! Like you are the only one on the planet. Nice!

    Glad to hear there is life after heart break. Music to your ears.

  7. The sunrise run sounded so beautiful, those are the moments when we run and feel so grateful! Sorry about your son, it's hard for everyone in the family when there is a breakup. I hope he continues to heal up and move on...poor guy!
    Funny comment you left husband tends to me mono-syllabic when I interview cracks me up.


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