Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Snaps

I've taken photos this week of things that have made me smile and just wanted to share them with you.

Bubbles and I have reached a compromise about who gets the best spot in the sun. This way we both do and I get the added bonus of a lovely white dog's head outline on my stomach.

One of my leotards turned out just the way I wanted it and it made a little girl very happy.

And talking of happy customers - I got these from different people on the same day last week. A lot of times you don't hear anything unless it's a complaint so it was really nice to get such positive feedback.

And this is a photo I clipped from the newspaper and is now posted on the back of our toilet door. This chimp stole the camera from a photographer and became fascinated with his reflection in the lens. I think he's a teenager and wanted a good pic for his Myspace and Facebook pages. So he took a self-potrait. I love his smile!!

Admit it - he made you smile too, didn't he?!


  1. I saw that picture on the Internet somewhere. Love it.

    Your leotards are beautiful. Nice customers appreciate them.

    Love your dog!

  2. Yep - definitely a teenager there - reminds me of some of the snaps my son takes of himself!!!
    Gorgeous leotard - have you ever thought of making flashy gear for runners?

  3. That chimp is the best! DID make me smile!

    you are so talented with the leotard making!

  4. Happy Snaps for sure! We've got some sun spot sharing going on here as well. Our winter averages have been colder than normal. Nothing better than appreciation for great work.

  5. That pic is fantastic! Is that for real?

    Glad you're enjoying the sun!

  6. You see, that's why I am not on Facebook - chimps!

  7. Nice photos! They made me laugh :)
    It's easy to see that your sun therapy is going well :)

  8. He actually made me laugh - that is an awesome picture!! When you have his FB page name, let me know - I want to be his friend! :)

    Gorgeous skate outfit, you are truly amazing! Love that your fan club sent you love notes, really makes it worth it sometimes!!

    I think you are the first I know who is sporting a dog tan line on their stomach!! Lucky girl!!

  9. Totally made me smile! :) Love your work Char! And your sunny stomach!

  10. Your abs make me smile. Love you with bubbles. Awesome.

    Your leotards---freaking. Rock.

  11. Love your comment about the plastic surgery. Too funny!

  12. Your leotards are amazing! I wish I could sew like that!

    I only wish my stomach was a flat resting place for my dogs. Mine has a little more comfy padding on it.

    I did smile.

  13. Beautiful leotards, congrats.
    You have a nice dog, he is so sweet.


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