Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've just spent the last couple of days feeling a little frustrated. There's nothing happening that's particularly bad but there are just a couple of niggly things that have been playing on my mind.

Probably the biggest little niggly thing is my butt. I pinned the physio down yesterday and it's my medial gluteal muscle that's the root of all evil. It's not torn but running makes it really tight and when it gets tight it affects the nerves that go down the back of my leg making it feel like I have hamstring problems. She did a lot of work smoothing out the speed bumps there but I'm still worried that when I run tomorrow it'll tighten up all over again. But on the bright side I do have the green light to run.

My other little niggly thing is work. I have never had such a quiet year and I don't do quiet well. Usually it's a matter of juggling orders and working extra hours and praying for a day off but I am down to a single leotard order on my books and that freaks me out a bit. I know I'm not the only one in this situation. I had a fabric rep over a week ago and he told me his business has never been so quiet. I'm pretty sure it's a result of the global financial insecurity at the moment but to say I'm bored would be an understatement. Maybe now would be a great time to write that novel that I know I've got lurking somewhere in my brain - if only I could think up something interesting to write.

The plus side to being bored is that I've been creating cupcakes in my head and in reality. Now I know how to fill a cupcake the possibilities are limitless. This week's creation was a vanilla butter cupcake filled with a berry and marscapone mix.

And I've been thinking that my tangello/poppyseed cupcake might taste pretty good with some lemon butter. And that the toblerone cheesecake filling could taste pretty damned awesome in the center of a chocolate or vanilla cupcake.

I'm starting to think I've got a weird obsession. Apparently I'm not normal because I make them but don't eat them. I force my family to be my taste-testers. (even though not much convincing is required)

So if I start posting lots more cupcake pictures in the next few weeks you'll know things are still quiet. And that my family may possibly be suffering from sugar-overload.


  1. Maybe you could write a novel about your butt pain? Or how about cupcakes, that sounds soooo much better. A cupcake cookbook!! :)

    Fingers crossed that stupid glute pain is gone for ever!!!!

  2. You can always send those creations to Oregon Char. :) I know another friend of mine who has been having some difficulty running because of her butt strain. :( Pain in the butt!!!

    and hope your work picks up. I love your writing voice...write! YOu could even write a book about stories from raising boys. I bet you'd have some fun stories to tell. And I love reading about your life.

  3. No more cupcake pictures. I think I gain two pounds just looking at the picture, but only lose one pound of drool.

  4. yummy cupcake photo. I would write a book about cupcakes because those cupcakes sound very tasty!

  5. Sorry to hear your butt is still hurting and that business is slow. But thank goodness you aren't tempted to eat all your cupcakes or your butt problem might get bigger!

  6. I hope business starts to pick up and that your glute works itself out!

  7. Gosh I wish you were closer because you're creative and fabulous and I love you!
    We are kindred spirits in butt pain. Mine has been tight for eons and probably at the root of my hip issues.
    Sorry business is slow. Do i see a cupcake venture in your future?

  8. Hope you can run without pain real soon! I also hope that business picks up.

    Those cupcakes always look so delicious...mmmmmmm I wish you weren't on the other side of the world :)

  9. Do you sell your cupcakes? If people taste them they will want to order them and that will keep you busy.


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