Friday, September 9, 2011

Mariticide - The Killing of One's Spouse

I was not the only person who had to apologise to my spouse this week. Iven was on his best form in bed the other night - snoring that is (minds out of the gutter). It was Wednesday night and I had to be up really early for my run. His nasal rales woke me at 1 am after only being asleep for two and a half hours and do you think I could go back to sleep?! When I was still lying awake at 3:30 I knew the chances of me running were slipping away and I think I had just drifted off when the alarm went at 4:50. I just turned it off and rolled over.

So I was a very unhappy little camper yesterday. I was tired and grumpy and I'd missed my run. So I decided that even though I rarely run in the evening I had to make an exception this time. Usually I'm cooking dinner but Iven owed me big time. He got to make dinner and I got to become a sane human being who was less likely to commit mariticide or filicide.

I decided I'd head to the uni and depending on how I was feeling (which was still pretty tired) I'd choose my course accordingly. Once I got going, though, it was hard to stop. It was warmish (Winter is becoming a memory) and clear and the sun was setting over the river. I had my favourite music playing in my left ear and all was right with the world - apart from my stupid left hip which was still giving me a little grief. Sixteen kilometers and an hour and a half later I turned up at home a different person to when I'd left. Aaaahhh!!

And today my demeanour was still good. It's great when there's a flow-on effect. I felt so good that I was inspired to bake! Yeah, I know - nothing new there. But today's creation was an homage to my dysfunctional relationship with my Mother-in-law. It's called The Nagging Mother-in-law. It's a lemon meringue cupcake with a lemon curd filling. Looks sweet from the outside but it may leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Actually my MIL has never nagged me but it made the cupcake inspiration more believable.


  1. Wow, I am the first!!!
    16 km, a very good run, congrats!
    The cupcakes look delicious.
    At home we have solved the snoring problem when the children left to live in their own houses. Now we have 2 bedrooms more .... just in case.
    Have a good week end.

  2. Oh I feel you on the snoring husband! It's SO hard. Glad you got that run in eventually--sounds like a deal to me.

    Those cupcakes...

  3. Earplugs work well as does a swift kick about midnight. And if that fails, maybe the 22 and 24 year olds need to share a room....ya know, it's YOUR house!! ;)

    If I had those cupcakes around my house, I'd weight 500 lbs!! Those are to die for!

  4. hahaha, love the cupcake concept!

    Awesome on the run - no better way to save a marriage. :p

  5. Love the look of those cupcakes. Yum! My husband is a big snorer too. Most nights I don't hear it but man when I do!

  6. So you did not kill him? I was hoping for some tips. I am VERY disappointed in this post. You can make it up to me by sending me some of your cupcakes.

  7. Ugh snoring. That's what extra rooms in the basement are for. Those cupcakes look way too good to have anything to do with a MIL...if she's anything like mine that is...


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