Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Cheers.

Yay! I got some orders. So this week I will be gainfully employed making more bikinis for body builders. (Well, someone has to do it)

And Yay! I managed 30k on the weekend. It was 17k on Saturday followed by 13k on Sunday. There were twinges down my left hamstring and I could feel my hip tightening up on Saturday BUT on Sunday it stayed loose. My resident exercise physiologist and torturer has given me some strengthening exercises for my sloppy hips and core and I am being diligent.

And Yay! I made the most evil cupcakes ever on Friday. Chocolate mud filled with a toblerone/marscapone mix and topped with coffee buttercream and toblerone shavings. I'm calling it the PMS Cupcake.

This has given rise for the need to make an equally sexist cupcake for my dear hubby. I've been thinking about a cupcake filled with a chocolate ganache that's liberally laced with something alcoholic but being a non-drinker I'm not sure what and am open to suggestions. Then maybe espresso buttercream topped with a single blue M&M. I'll leave you to work out the significance of the candy topping. And this one I'll call The Mid-Life Crisis Cupcake.

I also came up with the Menopause Cupcake. Again it has to be chocolate but in the centre it comes with a hot flush of chilli/chocolate ganache.

See I need to be kept gainfully occupied or this is what I'm reduced to.


  1. Those cupcakes look so good! How do you stay skinny?

  2. I don't eat them. I lick the spoon and taste bits to make sure it all tastes okay but when it starts to taste TOO okay I give the bowl to the dog.

  3. Gosh, you should start a little shop where you sell your cupcakes and come up with all kinds of awesome names for them. Your shop would be a huge hit around here! You could combine your baking talents with your sewing talents.

    I loved what you said about giving on my blog today. This brings me Joy too. More so when I'm giving of sharing things with people that are meaningful or helping others learn, etc. Thanks for answering my questions though. I 'm sure I'm scaring people off lately with all of my reflective and artsy crap. Ha!

  4. Definitely evil looking cupcakes! For the mid life man one, may I suggest cognac?
    Glad your hip is getting better!

  5. Forget bikinis! You should start selling your cupcakes. I am sure I would order some (yes, I can finally look at sweets after my visit to Poland).
    Amy is onto something. I can just imagine your cupcakes with a glass of cognac. Hmmm... I better go for a run. :)
    I need to talk to my son about massages.

  6. Haha, I love the evil cupcakes! You do some awesome things. Yay for the 30k weekend, that is very good. Have a great week!

  7. Wow, you have great self control. Whenever I make cakes I eat half the mixture while cooking, then make sure I get more than my fair share of the cakes too. Please send some PMS cupcakes to England ASAP.

  8. Hahaha. Blue m'n'm signify the Viagra pill does it?

    And I recon you should put a miniature fan on top of the menopause cupcake to help cool after the hot flush... Seems like the decent thing to do! Lol

  9. I love it--the menopause cupcake! I'll let you know when I need the recipe in the not so distant future!

    Glad the hip held up for you. Keep it going!

  10. Thank God I do not qualify for a PMS Cupcake. That looks like five pounds of goodness headed straight to my ass!


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