Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Crazy busy weekend.

It started on Friday night with Sam's preliminary soccer final and finished 48+hrs later lying on the couch in front of the TV, pleasantly tired.

Sam's match was played on one of the coldest, windiest nights that we've had this year. Yep, Winter wasn't done with us. She had a special treat - a glimpse of what it'd be like when hell freezes over. Well, I'm not a big fan and even with four layers on and a rug I found it hard to stay warm. The score was drawn at full time which meant another 30 mins of extra time which became well over an hour when someone got hurt and an ambulance had to be called. Luckily the injury's not as bad as it could have been. And even more luckily, Sam's team won on a penalty shoot-out. On to the next round!

Saturday's long slow run was a nice 22k loop taking in some of the hilliest parts of Brisbane. Just keep in mind that I haven't been able to do hills because of my stupid hip. But somehow I'd managed to justify this run because it was our LSD (funny how a runner's mind can work). Let's just say that it was challenging. About 4k into it Coach Chris looked at me and said that I looked worried. He was absolutely right! But, apart from the section on the dirt trail up Mt Coot tha (which I'd given myself permission to walk even before I started the run) I ran the whole way. I was back in bed for my nanna nap by 11:30 and stayed there till 4:00pm. (Yeah, I know I said it was a busy weekend but sleeping IS doing something)

Iven and I had planned to go to the movies but I found out that my NRL team (Rugby League) was playing their semi Saturday night so I kinda blew off date night. Iven was really good about it and we rescheduled our movie for the next morning. The Broncos won their semi and we really enjoyed our movie so it was win-win.

Lunchtime saw the Wallabies trounce Italy (sorry Giorgio and Stefano) at the Rugby World Cup and 4pm saw me hit the road for an 11k run around the Uni. Home to bake cookies and brownies. Boy did I sleep well last night.

And my hip seems to be improving ever so slowly. It really didn't worry me till the 15k mark on Saturday and was pretty good for the whole run yesterday. Yes, I can feel it but I was able to push a little harder on my left side and I couldn't do that at all a week ago. The other thing I'm pleased about is my recovery from the hard runs. A few months back I couldn't have contemplated running on Sunday after my Saturday epic but the last few weeks I'm feeling pretty good by Sunday afternoon.

Four weeks till Melbourne and we're heading in the right direction.


  1. Okay, this post makes it clear to me that I am way behind. Off to check out your older posts to figure out what this hip thing is all about.

  2. Okay, nevermind, I guess I was just being a very poor reader...I was just thinking that your pain was in your hamstring but now that I reread, I see that the pain was in your hip too. Glad it seems to be improving! And once again, looking back on all your baked goods is making my mouth water.

  3. My husband is a huge rugby fan, so I'll cheer for Australia if I see them on tv. Unless you play against England of course.

  4. Glad to hear your hip is doing better!

  5. Keep moving forward; Melbourne will be here before you know it!

  6. Thanks for the mention about the Rugby World Cup: it was real pity
    It's a great to hear that you are improving :) Go Char, go!

  7. I am glad to hear your hip is behaving better.
    I wish we had more rugby here, in the States. When we visited NZ, we watched a game (Australia vs NZ) and NZ won (sorry!). It was a very exciting game. Almost as exciting as soccer. :-)

  8. WOW, four weeks? Time flies, I'm so excited for you. I'm also with Amanda, I need to hear more about the hip thing...hope you're feeling better every day and right up to your marathon!!

  9. Congratulations to your son, that is fantastic....even in frozen hell! I am so not looking forward to winter - bleh!! Why can't God just give us 75 degrees and sunshine all the time!!!

    Sooo happy to hear the hip is coming around and behaved on your long run. I think that deserves a cupcake celebration....conjure up a special one to celebrate!! :)

  10. Keep moving in that same direction!


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