Monday, May 21, 2012

A Couple of Reasons To Cheer

I woke up early Saturday morning with a nervous stomach. That hasn't happened to me for a long time - probably since my last race. But I wasn't racing on Saturday. I wasn't going to be sitting an exam. Or talking in front of a lecture theatre filled with students. I was going to do my long run. And this time I planned to run the whole way for the first time since I became sick (again).

Last week's long run was just under 13k so I'm calling it 13k. And I ran all minus a few hundred metres. I'd run really well all week with no repercussions (yes I'm still running slow) so I was going to push it out just a little further and see exactly where I'm up to. Saturday's so good for me to do my long run. There's always time for a nap AND there's another day off  if I need more recovery.

And the results of my little self-experimentation? 15.15k!! My heart rate was pretty good except for the last three k. And I didn't feel sick afterwards. I took Sunday and today off because I have to follow up a slightly reckless day with some good, old-fashioned common sense. Sunday I was a bit tired in the morning but felt good in the pm. And today I was back to normal. So no harm done.

This bodes well for my first race of 2012 (which may be my only - we'll see). I've registered for the 10k at the Gold Coast. There was no way I couldn't do this race. It'll be #8 and I was always going to be there even if I had to walk the whole way. But now I'm thinking that running will be a little faster.


My other reason to cheer comes in the shape of my little four-legged friend. We've had him for just over three weeks now and today he went for over 24 hours without having an accident in the house. That's probably more exciting than the 15k run. My carpets certainly think so.

Unfortunately growing up has brought a bad new habit along with a bigger bladder. And it was a habit that brought shame on our house this morning when my friend came over to meet him for the first time. Toby  has worked out what his boy bits are for and Chris's first sighting of him involved humping. My baby's not even 10 weeks old. Precocious? I'll say.

Does anyone else have any reasons to cheer? A good race result? A great training session? A toddler who made it to the toilet for the first time?


  1. I'm so glad Lucy is an outside dog. I did have her in the laundry overnight when she was little and she was hopeless.

  2. Congrats Char!! That's fantastic progress! Glad to hear all the good reports and the sensible-ness that follows :)

    Nothing to cheer about down here...I was sensible on the weekend and did two easy runs to keep my head cold at bay. I also had a nap which I think helped! X

  3. 15K is fantastic, and great news tat you feel ok afterwards.

    I'm cheering for the return of the sun and high temperatures in England this week - at last!

  4. Awesome news about the 15k! That is really worth cheering about. Hehe, our one dog does that to all my son's little friends that visit. The doggy is 6 years old though. My biggest cheer is that I almost completely over the coughing that's been haunting me for weeks now.

  5. I'm so glad you are continuing to progress like this! That's really just fantastic.

    Laughed out loud about the pup! They do start early...

  6. Definitely several reasons to cheer - excited to hear that you are really going to be able to run your 10K!

  7. You are back on track!!! This is something to cheer about! I am truly happy to hear that.
    As for Toby... hmm... boys will be boys.
    I have something to cheer about too. I did not rip my Achilles tendon to pieces yesterday. It told me not to run since it does not even like walking fast these days but I did not listen and even though it hurts today, I think I have not damaged it more. That's good news in my book.

  8. Congrats on the 15K and the accident free 24 hours!

  9. Nice job on the run! What a good feeling for the race you have coming up.

    Where are the Toby pictures though?

    And yes lately my weekends are jam packed and the bride's dress was truly lovely.

  10. That's great that running feels good again, and everything is running smoothly. Pun intended.

  11. Yay! for your 15k! That's great, Char! And glad you are being smart about it!

    Love the Toby stories - I'm seriously thinking about going out and getting a new puppy!

  12. A double dose of good news. Just what the Doctor ordered.

  13. Having a 10 week old dog ready to do some humping must make him a teenager in human years.

    Glad you're building up some mileage. It will payoff for your race.


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