Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hope On The Horizon

Yesterday was speed session.

Yes, I know I don't do speed at the moment but I still go to the session ... kind of. I get up in the dark at an ungodly hour. I delay putting on my running clothes for as long as possible because it's just sooo cold. And I leave home around 5:15 am to meet with the squad. We stand around and chat for a while until Coach Chris says the word. And then the squad goes one way and I go the other.

I've been doing this nearly all year and I SO want to run with the squad again. But I'm doing my absolute best to get on top of things so for the moment I'll continue to run the other way. I do about 3k around the university and that brings me to where the squad is doing their reps. I have a little rest for a while - chat to Coach Chris and Coach Barry and then do a couple of out and back runs of about a kilometre through the group.

But yesterday something happened that hasn't happened for a while. I actually passed a couple of runners (no, not the ones that were walking their recovery - ones that were running). I stopped watching my HR monitor for just a little bit and did 2 X 1k and an 800m (because there wasn't quite enough time to do a third k). I didn't run it super hard. I just ran a little more strongly AND IT FELT GOOD.

It felt like it won't be too much longer before I can rejoin the group. Not to run hard, just a little bit harder than what I've been doing.

I chatted with a squad member after the session and she asked how it had gone. Honestly, I never quite know how it's gone until a couple of hours after the session. And in all honesty I did get a little nauseated. But I could have a nap when I got home (one of the perks of working for yourself) and I felt pretty good for the rest of the day. And today is a rest day so I'll be good to go for my run tomorrow.

Tomorrow's run will be back to easy again. I'm allowed to be reckless once or twice a week but the rest of the time I have to be sensible.


Do your children complain to you a lot? Mine tend to. They complain about assignments, about group members, about having too much work, about the weather, about idiots who have licences, about their health. The list could go on and on. And I'll generally give them a bit of the ear so they can get it off their chest.

Yesterday, though, I heard a complaint that I thought was a bit over the top. My youngest son came up to me to tell me that I was making his life difficult by providing too many choices for dessert. Seriously??!! I could understand him complaining if there was nothing in the fridge or pantry. But to complain because there are too many yummy things to eat ... No sympathy here Luke.


And finally a little brag about my genius puppy (who hasn't quite mastered toilet training still). 

He is possible the greediest, hungriest puppy in existence. But food is a great motivator for training and he's proving to be a fairly quick learner.

And Bubbles is really learning to love her little adopted brother - the way siblings always love each other ... with a little hate thrown in.


  1. YAY for passing the other runners! And I am hoping you get to return to the squad very soon. I'm not part of any running group but I can imagine how frustrating it would be to not be involved in their sessions.
    I have to say I am lacking sympathy for Luke's predicament... *pfft* too many dessert choices LOL

  2. That last picture is just so precious....especially since the previous one looks a bit scary.

    I am so happy that you are progressing so well with the running and will soon be able to run the speedwork with the group. Best news of the day :).

    My kids don't complain. I'm not sure what's wrong with yours, but mine are just perfect!!

    Bahahahah. Yeah, right!

  3. Great news on your running! Difficult as it may be, being patient is starting to pay off now. Stay positive! Love the doggy photos! We have a few love/hate pet relationships at home.

  4. Great news about your run!! That's so wonderful.

    I love the video. I just want to come visit and give that puppy lots and lots of love.

  5. Very encouraging news on the running front Char!
    Oh Bubbles is such a good sport...maybe...too funny. I adore that last pic.

  6. It feels great to pass other runners doesn't it? It's so great that you have been out with the group even when you can't run with them, that must be good motivation for you. Hope you're training with them soon.

    I think my 6-year-old will grow up to be just like your son - maybe it's a boy thing to moan about so much!

  7. That's right. Winter is heading to your corner of the world. I'll try to send some heat and humidity your way, but I cannot guarantee delivery.

  8. Too many choices for dessert oh my! You may have to go to jail for child abuse!

    Love the dog pics of course!

    Glad your running is improving and you are passing people. You would pass me for sure!

  9. My kids complain all the time - and I hate it the most when they come home from school and ask what's for dinner and when I say what it is, they groan...

    Glad your running is going well - that is the big payoff from you being so sensible all this time - good for you!

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you are getting back in the groove! Awesome!

    And those pictures of the dogs made me laugh out loud - too, too funny!

  11. My children are 33 and 27, they live on their own, but always complain to us about their life. How will they do when dad retires?
    Your speed will come very soon and very soon you will be able to run with the squad. I also miss my group but I cannot risk my knees to do the workouts with them.


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