Friday, May 4, 2012

Toby, Toilet Training and New Loos

What a week!

Our lives have been turned upside down by a little ball of fluff that's joined our family. Toby seems to be growing before our eyes and learning so many new things.

Things that we've conquered this week -
Coming when called (sometimes)
Sleeping through the night without whining
Pushing Bubbles out of the way when food is around
Finding me downstairs in my workroom 
Fetching the ball and then running away with it and hiding it
Sitting on command as long as Bubbles isn't distracting

Things we're quite a long way from conquering - Toilet training. 

Actually that's not totally true. He knows where the human toilet is and likes to pee just outside it on the carpet - preferably when I'm on it and can't do anything. But if I was a seven week old puppy I think I'd have trouble working out the difference between carpet and grass too.

Another thing that he's learnt is that the kitchen is an amazing source of spills that taste pretty good. Bits of cupcake mixture or cookie dough sometimes come flying out of the mixer when I forget to turn it down low. The tiles can sometimes be a puppy smorgasbord.

Do Those Paws Look Big to You Too?

Sit - Sure I Will If There's Food Involved

Toby's not the only baby who's needed attention this week. My youngest human baby did something that he hasn't done in years. He yelled for me to come help him in the toilet. He used to do that all the time - he'd need help getting up, wiping his bottom, getting down, flushing. The whole toilet thing was a two-person deal when you're two and a half. But Luke is 18 now and I'm a little reluctant to try and wrestle his 6 foot 3 inch body on or off our loo. And I'm even more reluctant to wipe that less-than-cute butt of his. 

Luckily he didn't want me to either. But unluckily, the toilet had done what it's becoming world-famous for - it had blocked up. Oh yay! Lucky me!! (When is someone going to invent that Sarcastica font??) 

This was the second time that it had blocked up this week. The first was at 4:55 am on Tuesday morning. And I was the culprit. And I left Iven unblocking it. And when I finished at running I went to the shop and bought a plunger. It was fun walking around the shopping centre knowing that everyone who saw me could probably guess the state of my toilet.

When I got home I'd found that Iven had had success with a piece of wire and the toilet brush so I put the plunger behind the loo with the wire and the toilet brush, ready for the next time it blocked.

Luke had tried to unblock it but had chosen the piece of wire as his weapon and all he'd managed to do was hook 'the one that should have gotten away'. That's when he yelled for help. Enter Supermum. I unhooked yesterday's digested dinner and used the toilet brush  to do the rest. And, voila, we had a functioning toilet again. I've now added a new talent to my list. 

Iven has gone out and bought us a new throne and the plumber is coming on Tuesday. And I bags being the first to use it!


  1. LOL! This post had it all Char! From the ooohhhs and aaahhhhhs at the Toby update to the ewwwws and icks at the toilet blockage!
    You are the second person I know that has had toilet problems this week, I sure hoped I'm not the third! :)

  2. Yes, I found myself poking poo with a stick to try and get rid of it a few weeks ago too (not mine). Why does this always have to be a Mother's job?

  3. Nice photos of Toby!
    I hate toilet problems ... here we can't find any plumber at the weekend.

  4. Very soon Toby will be the real owner of your house.
    Toilet problems? Not mine! My wife has the delegation.

  5. You deserve to have first dibs and the next 20 on the toilet for all the "mom" duties you had to endure with it. :)

    Toby is super cute, I think he's going to be one big doggie when he's full grown. The fact that he likes to do his business on the carpet is probably what scares me from getting on. My cat does enough damage to the carpet. Bleh!!

  6. THAT is the sweetest thing I've seen in A WHILE!!!

  7. That is the cutest puppy EVER! He makes me want to go get a new dog. Alas, we have two, and I really don't need another, but since I'm past the age of having another baby, maybe I should...

  8. Unclogging toilets...yuck, not a fun job. Glad he didn't need you to wipe his bottom though :)

    I love sweet Toby. What a cutie pie. Dogs are so much fun when they are puppies, alot of work, but so fun. They get big so fast, enjoy the cuteness!!!

  9. OHMIGOSH Toby is just adorable. Puppy pictures make me melt. I'll be posting some more soon.

    I can relate to your triumphs and woes. We are coming along. Miles is great with toilet training (breeder did a lot of work with them) but bear in mind he is 10 weeks.

    He's hilarious and loves to sit since he knows it gets him treats/toys/attention. He will ramdomly sit in the middle of the room and look at us until we acknowledge it. What a character.

    Have fun!!!

  10. TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to steal him

  11. HAHAHA! Cute Toby and icky poo. A winning combination!


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