Sunday, February 24, 2013

Venting Some Steam

Fatuous nincompoop!

If you haven't seen Lincoln, I'd definitely recommend it. I got to see it yesterday with a friend and we both loved it. The language had me totally bewitched. Way back then it was possible to totally insult someone and have it sound quite beautiful.

"Some of us breathe oxygen, and we find the mephitic fumes of his oratory a lethal challenge to our pleural capacities."

Yes, I had to look up the meaning of mephitic (foul-smelling, noxious). But isn't that sentence almost picturesque? I certainly wish politicians would talk more like that these days. It would make politics way more entertaining.

My friend and I decided that this week we would challenge ourselves to use the phrase 'fatuous nincompoop' in the right context sometime this week. I've used it twice today but not totally in the right context. The first was to a tradesman who thought it would be perfectly okay to park me in at the shopping centre and leave his car unattended. I was unimpressed - unimpressed enough to mutter my new favourite-est insult at him under my breath (I haven't quite worked my way up to saying it aloud). Admittedly he wasn't fatuous just self-serving and inconsiderate but the insult felt good rolling off my tongue - good enough to repeat again when some other fatuous nincompoop tried to reverse into my car. Okay, again not fatuous. Maybe just short-sighted or impatient.

You might have picked up a little of my mood today. Not happy Jan! 

It's raining AGAIN! It rained a couple of days last week and it didn't worry me too much. It rained about a month ago - heavily - and again I didn't worry about it too much. Today, though, I've had enough. I'm sick of the washing not drying. I'm sick of wet dog paw prints through the house. I'm sick of sitting on the couch and having it feel dank. I'm sick of watching the mould grow. And I'm sick of trying to get my runners dry and that lovely aroma that emanates from them.

Most of all I'm annoyed with myself for NOT running today. In a weak moment  (at about 3am) I emerged from my sleep enough to hear the rain still bucketing down (and this is through my anti-snore, marriage-saving ear plugs) and I turned off my alarm. I don't always make the right decision at 3am in the morning and I've been cranky about it ever since. 

And it's made worse because I missed my long run on Saturday. I've had a minor relapse with my recovery. It's not dreadful and not unexpected. On the Yaz/Yasmin forum I was warned that it would happen for at least a year. It's about 4 weeks since I had the last one and it lasted about a week so I'm expecting to start feeling better by the middle of this week. But missing two runs in a row and feeling 'off' makes me cranky too.

So while I'm feeling like this I'm going to let it all hang out and just vent my spleen. I'm annoyed that the paper person didn't totally wrap my paper and it ended up sodden and unreadable - had to buy another to do the sudoku. I'm cranky with myself for forgetting to take my water bottle to the shops this morning. Not impressed that I spent ten minutes drying my hair only to have it go totally limp because of the humidity.

Not happy either - a little bit of rain and I can't do a thing with my ear hair. 

 Not happy that two wet dogs ended up napping on my bed and I won't be able to wash the doona cover for most of this week. 

I was particularly unimpressed that I had a canine companion do my stretches with me, especially when he finished his session by shaking his wet self all over me.

And then I had to put up with him giving me the pathetic why-won't-you-take-me-for-a-walk-and-why-don't-you-want-a-cuddle look. Yep, that made me cranky too.

I still don't see why we can't go out

The only thing I'm not cranky about is the cake I made on Saturday.

 No, it's not for anything special. I just made it as a tease for one of the squad members who set me a challenge. Is it wrong that being mean is the only thing making me smile today?

I'd say that I should stay away from sharp implements today but I have to work and work involves the use of needles, pins and scissors. And I'm sure that if I was pushed enough I could do a bit of damage with an HB pencil, sharp or blunt. Maybe I should just put a 'Beware of Rabid Dog' sign on my workroom door and hope people take the hint.

So now I've got it all off my chest, it's your turn. What's made you cranky today? Vent away!!


  1. I hate days like that! Next time you wake up in the middle of the night, don't make any decisions!!! :)
    Myself, I'm loving the spring-like weather we're getting these days...the slush and puddles, not so much!

  2. I have to share your frustration at bad drivers as my cranky moment for the day. I thought Tasmanian drivers were bad but they have nothing on the morons I encountered in a ten minute drive in Glen Waverley this morning! I hope the rain stops soon :)

  3. There are too many things I could list, Char! I loved the dialogues in the Lincoln movie, too.

  4. Venting is always good!

    I remember going to a business cocktail hour years ago and a colleague decided he would try to fit the phrase "throwing the baby out with the bath water" into conversation somewhere along the line. When he finally did it, I was laughing hysterically (not very professional). so enjoy fitting in your new phrase!

  5. I got a really nasty email today, which is still bugging me. I just love your cake! It's beautiful.

  6. I just need to drive to work and will be able to use the phrase plenty times! Driving in Johannesburg is a unique challenge... I saw that cake on FB. You know how to make me hungry! Have a super week Char!

  7. Delicious cake: the right prize after a good workout.
    I have your same problem when outside it's rainy because the 3 lady cats use to rest on the bed.
    Cranky today? The same list of yesterday and the day before yesterday and so on......

  8. Part of the beauty of writing a blog - you can vent to your heart's content!! I think it helps to have a place to be able to say whatever you want, whenever you feel like it!!

    That cake is amazing!!! I can barely frost a sheet cake. You should be on cake challenge (or whatever it is called!).

    And, I hope the rain stops for you!!!

  9. oh thank goodness it's not just me! EVERYTHING has been making me irritable...mercury is retrograde right now and that's throwing everyting off. i beleive it's mercury retrograde until mar 17 so we're in this for awhile!

  10. I have to vent that I can't have a slice of that cake ;-)

  11. Dammit I want to be on your squad to get some of that cake!

  12. Yum that looks so good. At work (this is the cranky part) we were told to do something a new way. Instead of just grabbing a paper and filling out the form as usual we now need to download it (after finding it in the scary web of sites we have), fill it out and then attach it in an email. Progress is not always good.

    1. It's nice to know schools are unreasonable the whole world over - for teachers at least. My teacher friend was told about changes that needed to be implemented as soon as the year started a couple of weeks into term. It's ridiculous!

  13. I hate those kind of days! yuck! Especially the wet dog part because then my house stinks forever!

    But the cake does look scrumptious, and I'm starving and don't have cake, so now I'm in a bad mood! :)

  14. I had to look up 4 of those words in that Lincoln paragraph - ha! I haven't seen it but I'd love to (I don't even have time to blog my race report from a week and a half ago...movies? Ugh). The only Oscar movie I saw was Silver Linings Playbook - and I thought it was only marginal, and certainly not in the same vocabulary category as Lincoln!

    Ha, I love that you and your friend design a phrase for the day; I'm definitely starting that habit, too. Great way to put your foul mood into a happier light! :)

  15. Lincoln was great wasn't it!!? The whole time I was watching I kept trying to pinpoint the exact time in history when we all stopped talking in such a beautiful way. Or at least it sounded beautiful even if they were insults :)

    I can feel your cranky pain. My kids track dirt clods in their cleats and this time of year the dogs track muddy paws. I feel like I'm living with a broom and a wet washcloth in my hand.

  16. Oh my god, that cake is amazing!

    It's funny to read that even rabid exercisers (and I mean that in a nice way!) feel guilty about their lack of exercise too. (Albeit on a completely different level!)

    PS. I'm pretty sure the v.bad weather we have had is an okay excuse though! Some schools have been closed here and roads cut, so...


  17. That cake is amazing! I hear you on the rain; I rotate 4 pairs of running shoes and last spring/fall I could not keep a single pair dry; they were sopping and then took a week to dry and I totally ran out of shoes! :( Im glad youve gotten out tho for a nice albeit wet run; its good!


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