Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Toby

Toby turned one on Friday.

Is it sad that I actually know the birth date of my dog? Personally, I'm happy to claim the title of besotted dog owner. Or crazy dog lady. Just don't ever call me a crazy cat lady or I'll claw your eyes out and hiss at you.

Toby's been such a wonderful addition to our family - for me at least. He's such a great companion. He sleeps in my workroom during business hours and has only barked at a client once. He fetches our paper when we can't be bothered walking down the stairs in the morning. He makes Iven go for a walk at least three times a week. And he makes me laugh every day.

Even when he's been naughty.

He's also the BEST cuddler. He crawls up on the couch with me every night to get a bit of TLC and a good tummy rub. 

I didn't want to appear too obsessed when it came to his birthday so we kept it a low-key affair. I bought him a new set of tennis balls because they're almost his favourite thing in the world - besides a good tummy rub.

And I also made him a cake. That's not going overboard is it? It's perfectly normal to bake your dog a special cake for his birthday surely!!

But I didn't bake the cake so that he could eat it. I made it so he could lick the bowl. Because that's also one of his favourite things.

I also made the cake to use one of the birthday presents I'd been given - a set of colour gels for baking. They'd reminded me of a cake I'd seen on Kristin's Pinterest board. I had to go out and buy a new cake tin which was an engineering work of art. 

Then I made the coloured balls to put in the cake.

 It turned out looking great but it was a bit drier than I would have liked so I'm going to have to tweak it a bit next time - not cook the balls for more than 10 minutes and use a moister recipe. 

Toby didn't mind that it was dry, though. He used every begging technique in the book to get some.

And maybe I did weaken, just this once. After all you only have one first birthday.


  1. I have a hard time remembering my kids birthdays.... never mind my dogs :)

    Toby is a lucky fellow. Happy Birthday Toby.

  2. Love Toby! Happy birthday to the (second) cutest dog ever!

  3. oh my gosh, what a cutie pie! it is perfectly normal to bake a cake for your baby's of my coworkers always does a birthday burger for her dogs. happy birthday, toby!

  4. Adorable :) Happy Birthday Toby! I know how easy it is to fall in love with our furry friends.

  5. Happy Birthday Toby! Where has a year gone? That cake is fabulous! I'm glad you celebrated in style!

  6. No way...ONE already? Gaaaa, I can't believe a year has flow by. What a fantastic cake for the guy (I'd like one of those for my birthday too, please :)). Happy Birthday, sweet Toby!

  7. You made a better cake for Toby's 1st birthday than I have ever produced for any of my offspring. I am now off to Google fancy cakes in time for hubby's 40th...

  8. Happy birthday! I really like the coloured balls!

  9. sweet :) Those color balls are amazing!

  10. Happy Birthday Toby! I love the cake! Toby is certainly very special.

  11. Happy birthday Toby,
    from Bella & Rufus xx

    PS I love the look of that cake, it amaze-balls ;-)

  12. He is so darn cute! And I don't think you're crazy. When I was young, my elderly next door neighbors used to throw a birthday party for their poodle, Tico, every year. We used to go to their house and enjoy ice cream cake (which Tico ate from his high chair while wearing a new outfit and birthday hat) and play "games". It was all surreal, even to a 7 year old :).

  13. I have enjoyed watching Toby grow up over the last year. What a great dog!

    And that cake? That cake? Oh how I desperately wish you were my next door neighbor.

  14. What an awesome cake! Loving the balls in it! Toby is a lucky doggie ...

  15. When I was little we had dogs and the birthdate of our (then) dog (who survived most of my childhood!) was always the password or code for highly secret family business!

    (My dad would go to basketball at night with my brother and I'd be at home alone til my mother came home from work - lateish - so everything would be locked. When she came into the garage and knocked on the door I'd always ask her the secret code (even though I could see her through the window!!!).

    Made sense to me!

    Bet Toby enjoyed his birthday!

  16. Happy belated birthday Toby!

    And no I don't think it's weird that you know his birth date. I know Bella's too, I know when she came to us, I also now the birthday of my previous dog and the day she dies (last Sunday 3 years ago).

    My dog is a very important member of our little family.

    I think Toby had a fantastic birthday thanks to you.

  17. Hau'oli la hanau Toby!

    What a beautiful cake idea and yes, all dogs deserve celebrations too!

    Have a wonderful day.

  18. That cake looks amazing - waaaay too good for a dog. Please send a slice to the other side of the world for me...

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  20. Happy Birthday! I can't believe Toby is one already! I totally know my dog's Bday. Mr. Jack will be 7 this year - April 20.

  21. Happy Birthday, Toby! Time flies, doesn't it? I can't believe my boy Lance is turning 3 this year! It seems like yesterday when we got him at 3 months.


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