Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Didn't Run Yesterday

I didn't run yesterday.

I got a reminder that although I've made leaps and strides in my recovery, I aint there yet.

It happens every four to six weeks. I get some of the symptoms that plagued me last year - the fatigue, insomnia, nausea and tingling in some of my muscles -
and I just have to back off. Ride out the storm.

It freaked me out the first time it happened. I'd had a couple of weeks where I was just starting to feel good. All my symptoms had disappeared. Then, overnight, they were back. And they stayed for about ten days.

The next time that it happened I was still a bit freaked but less so than the first time. This time I just know that if I bide my time I'll be feeling normal before long. And I've noticed that these symptomatic periods are getting shorter and shorter.

It makes me angry that a drug that was deemed to be safe by so many official organisations has had such a lasting impact on my life - two years of feeling unwell, of thinking I was a hypochondriac, of accepting my life would probably be limited by fatigue and I wouldn't be able to do the things that I really wanted.

It makes me angry that I spent so much money on doctors and specialists and complementary medicine and supplements for a condition that was caused by a drug that I was prescribed. That all the doctors knew I was taking and not one of them considered could be the cause for all my issues.

It makes me incredibly angry that this drug is still on the market despite so many people having adverse reactions to it - strokes, DVT, gall bladder removal to say nothing of the minor ones that I had which didn't seem minor at the time.

Yaz and all the other oral contraceptives containing drospirenone should have been taken off the chemist shelves years ago. The corporate conscience of Bayer should have made them voluntarily recall their product. But apparently money will trump conscience every time and they're happy to reap it in even if they do have to pay out some of those profits on law suits.

Silly me, I thought that they were making drugs that would improve our lives. You'd think that meant they cared about people.

But on the other hand, these times when I'm feeling symptomatic again are in a strange way, a gift. They remind me just how precious good health is and that I can never take it for granted. They remind me just how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy running again. They make me appreciate all the simple things in life with a renewed gratitude.

So this week will be my easy week. And I'm fine with that. I'm also incredibly grateful that I chose the 5k option for the race this weekend. Even with some minor symptoms I can tough out 5k - might have been a little more challenging if I'd chosen the half marathon.

And next week I'll pick myself up by the bootstraps again and dive back in to my marathon program.


  1. GoOd for you listening to your body!!

  2. often hard, but always smart to listen to your body! Sending healing and prayers your way!

  3. I didn't know the background on your ills. That makes me mad, too! I don't take the 8 pills a day the Drs prescribed - instead, I'm doing it by eating right, for me. I hope you feel better soon and knock out that 5K better than expected!

  4. The cool thing is, you're learning to know what the symptoms are and how to deal with it; this is worth gold! Hope you feel better soon...the road is waiting for you!

  5. i love how even when you are feeling off, you look at the positive side and appreciate how important good health is! sending good health thoughts your way... :)

  6. I haven't run today, and I'm feeling the weight of guilt.

    I completely agree with Cindy - you manage to turn a negative into a positive thought.

    Rest up and good luck with the 5km!

  7. I ran yesterday, and I've run today, but after every run I'm alway pleased I'm lucky enough to be able to get out there and run!!!

    So as soon as you can lace up those shoes and hit the road that marathon training needs the miles!!!

  8. I don't read your blog long enough to know what happened two years ago but getting the wrong drug described that has such an impact on your life and health is just wrong, especially since it's still available.

    I have always learned that it's good to take a recovery week every 4 weeks so it's good that you listened to your body and take it easy this week so you can continue strong next week.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Glad to hear you are able to see the gift in your situation...take care and enjoy your easy week!

  10. You have the right attitude about this. Next week you'll be strong and back training well after some good recovery time for your body. Have a great weekend and enjoy the 5k!

  11. Smart to listen and back off so quickly. That can be hard to do. I bet you fit some therapeutic baking in.

  12. I find it hard to listen to my body but a no run week this week has been essential for me as well ... look at us being all grown up about it ;-)

  13. Boo to the symptoms - hopefully only for a very short time and maybe soon they won't come back anymore!!
    I didn't realize that a prescription drug is what started your health issues - I would be beyond pissed!!! Sorry that you have had to experience something like that.
    Here's to an easy week and then hitting it strong again!!

  14. I'd be angry, irresponsibility on the drugmaker's part. I'm so glad, though, that you have the knowledge of the cause and know how to handle it Hope this is the shortest onslaught yet for you!

  15. Ughhhh. So sorry you are still struggling with those side effects. That's awful! I hope in time you feel 100%.

    Good luck on your 5K Char!

  16. Yes, I'm also sorry to hear you're suffering side effects.

    I remember when I was doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT there were some people trying to exercise 7 days a week and there was a lot of discussion on the importance of a rest day.

    Glad you've taken some additional time out when you need it!

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  18. You are being very restrained and sensible, 2 traits for which we runners are not renowned... well done! :)


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