Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother of The Year

It's Mother's Day this Sunday and I'm pretty sure I won't be winning Mother of the Year this year.

I'm not saying I'm a BAD mother. My kids have managed to survive to the ages of 25, 24 and 19 and I like to think that that's because of my careful nurturing. After all, most of the time they only need feeding, watering and dose of fertiliser every so often and they pretty much thrive. Or is that plants?

Actually, at times, I've even thought I was a pretty good Mum.

I let them explore the world.

And then cleaned them up. 

And I encouraged their creative sides.

I made them pretty awesome costumes for Book Weeks and school plays (Handy hint to other mothers out there: a brown unitard is the best base for any animal based-costume. Ours played various roles as a bird, cow, dog and a platypus)

And I always kept the cake tins full.

I've kept their clothes washed, helped with homework, got them to their training sessions and soccer matches on time, coached them, bandaged their wounds, watched them do their special bomb dives into the pool for the hundredth time, encouraged them to dream big, pushed them to do things that would stretch them, sat in the passenger seat when they were learning to drive, held them when they were hurting, wiped away tears, blood and vomit. I've done all those motherly things willingly and happily (apart from the laundry part - still not my favourite) because I love my boys and want the best for them.

But yesterday I blotted my copy book.

Sam was making his lunch for uni and was ratting around in the freezer for something.

"Have all those scones gone already?" he wanted to know.

I made some scones a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious - coffee with choc chips and dates. They were so delicious that they disappeared really quickly. And I was cheesed off when I went to have one a couple of days later and they had gone. So I made a triple batch a week later and froze some. And when I went to have one on Tuesday after the speed session (which made me starving) I noticed that there were a LOT fewer than last time I'd looked.

So I hid them.

I had to admit to Sam (because I'm a terrible liar) that I'd hidden them.

I don't think he was impressed

And that's why I don't think I'll be Mother of the Year 2013.


  1. No that's exactly why you SHOULD be mother of the year. The best of us hide treats regularly....just ask me where I stashed the jerky...

  2. HEHE, with all you HAVE done, I'd say this one little instance still passes you to the Mother of the Year award status.

  3. Cake time fun, I would vote for you...

    Now don't ly in, but up before the rest of the house and go for a run, then come back and climb into bed so you can be spoilt without feeling guilty!!!

  4. All that baking and cake making means you are a fantastic Mum. I've often hidden treats from my kids and husband - nothing wrong or unusual in that.

  5. I thought we were supposed to hide stuff like that - it helps the kids not eat so much of it, right?!

  6. Haha, I also hide stuff like that sometimes! You will still earn top marks I'm sure. Have a great weekend and mother's day.

  7. You are a great mother considering our wonderful cakes :) Happy mother day!

  8. Any good mother needs sustenance. I regularly hide chocolates and biscuits. I am beyond devastated when the kids find one of my many hiding places. Mummy is much more perky with a bit of a sweet sustenance. You know, in the hours before wine is appropriate. Really, you did them a service by making extra and sharing any of it. May be time for a secret under-bed mini freezer.

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  10. Smart move to hide them. But not to tell. Couldn't you just say, do you see them? No lie there. Love the picture of your three boys in the tub. And NO ONE in your family can complain about treats. You definitely have mother of the year wrapped up in that department.

  11. My kids know my hiding places, I have so many! :)

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend!


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