Friday, May 28, 2010

Backyard Bullying.

I swear this will be my last post about chickens for a while.

Yesterday I realised that there was bullying of school-yard proportions happening in our back yard. The Roxettes, like most teenage females,decided to pick on the only other female around - Bubbles our fox terrier cross. Bubbles is a little nervy and quite timid and just didn't have it in her to fight back. And what were they fighting over? A lamb bone! Who knew that chickens liked bones?!

Bubbles was obviously upset.

On the running front, I was a little slack this morning. I stayed in bed and didn't run my 22k long run. I've been fighting the guilts all day but keep telling myself it was the right thing to do. All week I've had headaches and sinus pain and have felt a little awful. The 3 runs that I did all went well but I'm still scared of pushing myself too much. I just couldn't bear to feel as bad as I did last year all over again.


  1. Sounds like you are being smart!

  2. I don't mind reading about the chickens at all! Didn't know they liked bones...poor Bubbles.
    You made the right decision not doing your long run. I've learned that the hard way. Sending you healing vibes so you get better soon!

  3. sounds like a good decision to me

  4. Wise decision, listen to your body.
    I like your chicken stories and their pictures (dog too).

  5. Thanks Char!

    Maybe that's why they don't lay eggs, maybe they're not chicks after all ;)

  6. Sounds like you made the right call giving yourself the rest. Hope you feel better!

  7. I hope that your rest day was beneficial. Enjoy your next workout!


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